10 Cats playing in a pool of colorful balls ボールプールで遊ぶ10匹の猫

10 Cats are Playing with Blue Shark Kiddie Swimming Pool and Colored Balls ♪Osamu the Kitten unspeakably naughty. Play until one is tired and falls a sleep.zzz10匹の猫達、子ども用プールとカラーボールで遊んでいます♪とてもやんちゃなおさむ。遊び疲れて寝ました.zzz

Sherri Peters-Chinnock

Sad😭😭😭😭 1fuck =1 punch in the face for those parents

Ned forester Cruel

Amari Walker

This exact thing happened to me... I lost my daughter. I thought I was alone. That no one else had felt this pain. Thank you for sharing this story. You’re not alone and I now know that I’m not either.

Qasim Momin

at 0:50 you can see the broken hoop when he kicked it in the bloopers and it broke

Fortnite player v

No offense but the Patriots football team or better

RedNoseRaider _Fortnite

Like the new Title

Ndanda Damuna

2018 December??

Connor Duvall

What about the dead remey the rat when they move in the new apartment.


y was that guy cheering he now owes him 50$


You need a hell lot of money to buy all these games just to make easter eggs

Minute Epiphany

i love my job!! lol thats what i would say if i were them


This song slaaaaaaps


04:50 looks like breaking nad pinkman? nah....

You gon' make me go Incredible Hulk


That's none of you to know, at least im here :D


keep up the good work you are the best!

Nathan Kohler

The aggies are my favorite college team

Yummy Yummy Christmas Tummy

I always thought the statue of happiness had soulless eyes. now i know why.


I’m not scared of death, I’m just scared of everyone I will hurt.



collect souls


I swear the last skate park shot Was longer than ”the worlds longest strike”

Vijay Ananth


ahmed brini



Okay girl why would you use Freddie? The disrespect bitch Im-

Extreme nausea

Emmalynn Walters

A slide

King Pizzalover

i had a IV when i was 3 i was so sick


yo check out my shots they are outstanding! U can ask dude perfect

Cody Martin


Jupidupi Draws

Literally in every video of this channel I see hateful comments. And only hateful comments. Guys. Stop. These are people who share their stories with us. They open up to so many people. And we should respect that. I know it was wrong to bully her but she learned from her mistakes! What do you want to achieve when you call the person telling the story a bitch? Do you think it will make it any better? Do you think hating on her, no, bullying her as well makes it any better? It does not. She knows she did something wrong now let this girl be and let her learn from her mistakes to become a better person. And even if you don’t believe that people deserve a second chance it is not your job to make her receive her “punishment”. But I personally do believe that people should be given a second chance. How can anyone be a better person if you are constantly reminded of the things you did wrong? You are just turning yourself into bullies. And I know a lot of people were really angry when the person telling the story said that she was only cutting for attention. And it was wrong. But I can understand that she didn’t know any better. I can understand that she didn’t want to accept the fact that she bullied someone into depression. I understand what why she did it. But I do not support it at all. See the difference? And as I said before she did learn from her mistake so let that girl learn from them and who knows, maybe she will become a psychologist for people with depression later or help them in other ways?

me: ok


I got the godfather easter egg before you finished digging the grave just because of the guy having a pillow with him haha, nice video as always Guru, your videos are always a treat.


The brither in arms easter egg is a reference to a dads army episode where on a training exercise they put helmets on some sheep as a way of creating a diversion

Elizabeth Dombard

Happy birthday Marbles!! ❤️😍

Patty Carson

Where was Garrett


Stupid North Korea

Jamie Dahlin

What was the stereotype they were doing here?

Austin Davis

Your amazing. Don’t listen to them.

divya M V

Super video sir


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