10 Most Starred Levels in Super Mario Maker

Now the original Super Mario Maker is coming to its end, I thought it was a good idea to make a list of the most starred levels in the history of the game. Please consider subscribing and leaving a like. I hope you enjoy!



Garga Blarg Blarg

I still have no earthly idea how you find these Easter eggs I have never one found one on my one with no info, but its still really awesome great videos.

love dreamer

Open relationship is not the correct word to use they are polyamorous is the word my mom has a husband and a boyfriend so please don't judge this life style I see nothing wrong with the lifestyle it's just completely normal

the zehra channel zehra

Oh no i hope they both were safe......

Swami Thakkar

7 shot


The Dawgh


Official ThatHoodedPersn1

0:34 i thought this was the game actually loading up the main menu... nice editing there

Wyatt Lohse

Epic games creator

Chinese Spageht

This may have been the cheesiest cringiest video I’ve ever seen.

Storm Todd Howard

Max ! Never Maxin))

Aidan210 Aidan210



Jacob Choudhry

Some of my friends used to go to Sky Ranch

Youstina Botrous

Please tell me Grayson didn’t just start this with “dolo”



Come upstairs to play our secret game!

Ethan Richard


I can tell you crazy, but shit kind of intrigue me (No, yeah, I like that)

Al Ven

i like dude prefect

The Furry With no money

jac board game CONFIMED

Kendal Lavigne

“Cancer is for people who are like 50!”

Chris Maxwell

The Rage Monster has gone from dropkicking trash-cans over to destroying living rooms.

Hammys Channel

The first one is amazing I love that show

Sanjay pc

1:53 best part☻

Amie Lalap

I mean beautyfull i have a wrong spelling

Ethan Quill

Yes cody of herad of it watch a chistmas story

Orange Gaming

Why is this low key fire


Epic Awesomeness!


What the hell does a group of half-naked guys have to do with fable?


I think garret is panda cause when he isn’t there panda is... BUT HEY THATS JUST A THEORY A FILM THEORY AND ...CUT




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