15 NEW Racing Games of 2019 And Beyond [PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch]

Racing games have always held a soft spot in our hearts, from the days of Excitebike on the NES to Mario Kart and eventually Gran Turismo and Forza Horizon. The future holds no shortage of racing games and regardless of which side you fall on – realism or fun – there's something for everyone in these upcoming titles. Let's take a closer look.SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: US ON FACEBOOK:US ON TWITTER:

Gazza Satria

[Intro: Lil Skies & GNAR]

Zenith Gaming

May 2019 anyone?

Teacher- Are You Here Today huh? happy

Sander Martsin

Team twins


Micheal - MlgGaming

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Zach P

This is how many people praying for Durant

Bane Dorrance

Best Easter eggs series- Tales from the Borderlands?

md fokhrul hasan fokhrul

My favorite shot hole in one

Juul te Brake

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I have adhd so I get how it’s hard for control a disorder so I have to do stuff 100x harder then most people while watching this video I have to pay close attention or else I don’t know what is going on


5:18 that is experimental probability, where anything can happen so they wasted their time and did a experiment that wouldnt count


Really? Try to study more on English before calling someone who's intelligence exceeds yours. Idiot.

Om Pathak

2018 dec like and who noticed TY ALWAYS WIN

Ariane Drouin

1:10 what is that little song in the background? I often hear songs like that in movies and I love them so much because it makes me feel creative and good, plus it reminds me of good movies Ive watched. Help please!

Cristian Gonzalez Borja

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Lord Jesus

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A snek Boi

When I was 3 I was constantly clambered on by my twins good times😄

Rockstar: C O W A B U N G A I T I S


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