15 Oculus Quest Launch Games & Apps To Get You Started

Here are 15 of our personal favorite Oculus Quest games and apps that we recommend getting straight away at launch.► Check out our VR equipment → Subscribe to join our VR adventures! → the launch of the Oculus Quest, 50 games and apps are launched with it. So you might wonder what games and apps you should get first. So in this video we list our 15 personal favorite games and apps that we recommend getting. We will also explain why. Support us by buying from our affiliate links *:Oculus Quest (US) - Quest (UK) - A small referral fee will go to the channel, but it does not cost you more. If you use it, thank you very much.TIMELINE#1. Bigscreen Beta, Bigscreen VR – 00:19#2. Apex Construct, Fast Travel Games – 01:33#3. Moss, Polyarc – 02:56#4. SUPERHOT VR, SUPERHOT Team – 04:00#5. Orbus VR, Orbus Online – 05:03#6. Beat Saber, Beat Games – 06:19#7. Shadow Point, Coatsink – 06:42#8. Dance Central, Harmonix – 07:48#9. Rec Room, Against Gravity – 08:18#10. VRChat, VRChat – 09:13#11. Journey of the Gods, Turtle Rock Studios – 10:02#12. Robo Recall, Drifter Entertainment – 11:05#13. I Expect You To Die, Schell Games – 11:52#14. Tilt Brush, Google – 12:40 #15. Virtual Virtual Reality, Tender Claws – 13:40Extra mentions 14:33LINKSWatch our Oculus Quest unboxing and first impressions at home → our Oculus Quest detailed hands-on → US► VRcovers for your headset → WidmoVR prescription lens adapters for your headset → (5% discount code: CAS&CHARY)► Play PC VR games with your mobile → (10% discount code: JWGTCASCHARY)► Or become our Patron (includes exclusive rewards) → SPECS- Our microphone (ModMic Wireless) → Our VR equipment → More info here → MEDIA💬 Join our Discord → Twitter → Facebook → Instagram → special thanks to these Patreon Champs for their amazing support:- artArmin- Baxorn- Fleef- Wintceas- VR Ambassador- Andy- Albert- Ben P.- James- The Architect- Olemartinorg- Studioform VRVR on!- Cas and Chary VRDISCLAIMER- Links in this description may contain affiliate links. You don't have to use them but if you do, a small referral fee will go to this channel supporting the content.- We received the Quest review unit from Oculus. Per our guidelines, no review direction was received. Our opinions are our own.#oculusquest #oculusquestgameplay #oculusquestgames

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