20 Details You Probably Missed in Skellige | THE WITCHER 3

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#1 wear a two toned prothetic face-

Emma Thomas

if it only happened once for a short time i may forgive him but only if he was more attentive and devoted to me

Steve Cool

Anyone who thinks the shots are fake should still be impressed because that means that they are great at editing.

fatimah anwaar

at least being fat shamed is better than being called a whore

Tahamina Jahan

flip front fliper



Do oart two

Eventually, the four years ended, I went live at my mom's, and all my emotions poured out in this mess of self hatred, anxiety, perfectionism, fear of bothering people either by saying something wrong or worrying people about my problems, stress, fear of loud slams and yelling, and panic attacks. As a result, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and I'm debating with myself whether I have PTSD or not because I recently had a panic attack after a peer yelled at me.

Melanie Fra

team ty

But this just let me realize that I'm special on my own ways!!!

It’s like you made a story about me but instead a female


I love watching them in torrid. I work there and it's so much fun seeing the stuff, and seeing kristen in some of the same stuff I have tried on.


I like both places, but as a whole Texas Roadhouse is better!

joe adim

HALLA also means hello or hi in arabic

Asma Masroor

U should not waste food+killing a survivor

Ngọc Trà My Mai

I can imagine how rich they are

Thomas The Dank Engine

Who's watching in 2016


they shad have shotted hime


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