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The Roblox Troller

Dude that is awesome

Lukas Slager

Ice fishing is my favorite thing to do on earth

James Grudnoff

its a very old bass instrament. oh and to your 1st comment.


I’m the noob but my friend is the bead guy


I get all my groceries from GuruKid's Groceries.

Also don't joke about suicide or self-harm boi

Hzhhx Jcjcjchc


JE Sell

But I missed you 😭

Dr Usharani

Ive not seen the video yet but the comments made me feel cry surely enough god will surely give u another kid

Vanessa Alba

I don’t know why but I teared up HARD when you guys started singing Marbles happy birthday. Legit tears lol

Jason Wheeler


Eli Urban

hiry tee fhrhjrjyefh

Grrr, clicks fists I CAN ONLY CRY SO MUCH! I'M GONNA BE ONLY 30% WATER IF THIS KEEPS UP! All I have is Teddy......

memey ADW


Lukas Navykas

Get a gun

Tyree Davis

I hope he is alright

Sadie Kellman

When it said "weirdo detected" on the phone, that made me crack up, idk why

Mark Koba


Ethan Varghese

Go team coby

Wintərly Heīghts

2:53 - Really liked that one :)

Jennifer Wilcoxon

Adam Eaton or curry

Dangles F3


shut down robot

Most awkward easter egg....the girl on a bath

•Hannah Fran•

What’s nymphomania or whatever ?

Mr. Beast you can come to Thailand i will welcome you and i have room for you as long you stay here,


This is probably fake


I love pizza, not sure about a pizza fagot, I haven't tried it yet.

Elijah Chavira

Texas A and M aggies are the best!!

Brianna Kay

Go texas!

derek morrison

Cmon Jeff

Tyler Perry

Bra I wish the Lakers were still playing

I got so many bruises and scratches from my parent

Tachy Guiglioni

Uhhh si entiendo mucho la puta madre

Bernardo Almeida

I'm from Brazil

jinat jahan

Make a speed typing and a nuclear typing


I shout at my mum because she keeps ignoring me most of the time it makes me feel happy when I shout.......

A girl from the Aussie place Meh

Your mah hero

oblivious farm boy

i like how nearly every valve game has an easter egg xD

Me: ????

Bernard's Channel

"Chubby cookie monster" lol!

The Mystic MacTAPPER

So are we just not gonna acknowledge the fact that the angel knives game is an indirect reference to mortal kombat?


8:15 lol


It's perfect...

Maxum Muscedere

Soccer was the destruction of this video

Zack Gotead

Polo speak factes no 🧢

Luke M

thecool part is that these guys are real


I've been thinking about a theory for Striking Vipers lately, what if his brother had secretly loved him all along and he just found a way to express that love in an indirect secret way and that is through virtual reality. That would explain why he wasn't mostly satisfied from sex with other girls and stuff like that he just knows his true love lies with his brother which is a pretty taboo thing in society. Idk.

yazmin luna

#10t trending in Mexico

Money Hunter

This was the best one ever

krishsara patel

It's sad how many people can't be themselves because they're afraid of being judged by others as 'crazy' or 'weird'.

Joshua Hunter

Why does coby mostly lose in overtime bc he always gets pinched by not wearing green

Bloom Gloom xoxo

My dad passed away last year December 28 from a massive heart attack and I was the first one to find him because everyone else was asleep ( I'm 10 )

Gee Q Trill


Dr Phil but as a M&M

Why are you so awsome

free cleets

Wish they put Kikuchi soundtrack in a game for once


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