3 Games Players Play

Alot of people ask me about players, how to know when someone is playing you, and what to look out for.This video will give you 3 of the top game player moves that you need of watch out for.I am not going to talk about ghosting because pretty much everybody talks about that but I am going to talk about some of the other game player moves that you may have missed or you may not have even known were game and help you recognize those when you see them.Get an advance, discounted copy of the book: up on Patreon and get a free copy of the book:

dommata geetha

Can u meet Steve Rogers

Taevon Bennett

That was awesome!!😀

Sandra Roth

you don't now anything not a terrorist cause the aculary do it

Kashika -

Coby u will win

D Sauce

Frozen 2: releasesElsa & Spider-man youtube videos: ah shit, here we go again.

CadenZside 0

Plot twist: he was Santa Claus to give Earley prestesnt

Banana Man



you preach man

Yellow Banana

How can people dislike this I’m confused 🙄 love this so much 🥰💕



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Game brightness all the way up+dope chillaxing music... Interesting...


How do you find relics?

Man cave Productions

What’s wrong with that mother, and the police

Izzy Förstör Allt

I understand you, I also have PTSD and DID.....heheheh that’s fun.and mt parents don’t care at all, sooooo I’m stuck...also. A-?!?!!? Jesus! I wish I got grades like that!

Michelle Torres

WinsTy has 2Cory has 1Coby has 0Cody has 1Gar has 1

emmajoy oludare

Is anyone else not able to see the captions?

Shelly Alben

I took them 1 minute and 50 seconds to do the intro

Cheeno C

And it only took 1,000,000 shots on each one

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James Bond was a flawed character, I don't understand why some men consider him as their role model.

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3:55 Aagh, Best reference

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203 video and 41 M subscribers amazing I also subcribe this channel I am from Pakistan hyd

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GJ man i knew u will put megalodon i just knew it

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😂😂😂😂😂 best video on youtube. All headache gone.

Official PlayStation Magazine (UK) 10/10    

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