3 signs that he will never be serious about you

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Aaron Chris

Perfect story.

Jake Long

Another year and half still :/

MinuteVideos:My Step Mom Is My Real Mom

Shiny Alpha19


Felipe Alvarado

Now i do think a LOT more about the Pixar theory, Huh.

Bailey Blake

watches Jeffree’s collection reveals only for new lip scrub flavors

M. H.

i was born over 3 months early, my little brother 2 months. I cannot imagine the fear of my parents of us dying in the first weeks and months. Im proud of them.

Not Hitler

August 2016?

Dlink Travis

How dare you kill those innocent skittles i would have gladly eaton them

Hamid Rahimshah (hr1360)


Escott.2 SSS

Film with Zach eartz

Crummy Joker

Oh my fucking god this hypothetical girl is a bad person, or her parents are for making her like that

Helen YIM



I just watch an entire show in sub first then dub lol

Anay Vadiwala

Cory can your gold prize flout 🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸

Axel Dietrich

The antler man from Hannibal is a wendigo

oye si Duran

The South park guy

Hitmarker. exe

15:12 spelled 'should' wrong

Jayden Botelho

I didn't think this guy uploaded anymore but I'm so glad he is


If you "learned nothing about the movie by the trailer"rEAD THe deSCrIpTIon

Kaz Avian

That SonicDunk Montage at the end tho

Potato Puppet



There is alot of common triggers in this, I mean just a littw warning at the beginning would be nice

HTX 713

Max been cooking Stephen a this whole playoffs

1 like 1 awesome rocket for tyler

potato kinishes

“i only want books for gifts”

Sablethe Great

Follow me for great videos!!!

Justine Olazo

I just wanna say ...... WOW😍😍

Ken Vandyck

Ty how can you cut someone's career like that.

Frank lehtla

wow these kids minds are fucked up

Adoption is an option.

Jarno Cardon

Oh come on!!! That Incredibles part?! Its not even next to eachother!!!!

Hayden Quarles

So we all are going to ignore the fact she came in the USA illegally and is now playing the victim



LdogBoss 24

Johnny Football 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

error 404

Oi you put 2 HP references in the vid. You must like him ya Pom

Marusha's Channel

23 bounces


I think most people fear death because they don't feel that they have done enough things in their lifetime and don't want to lose their loved ones

Andre Maldonado

You Make The Best Of The Easter eggs Videos.


This man neva disappoint 🔥🔥🔥🗣

Emma Samz

i hope garret feels better after he is out of the hospital.


Most recent to your knowledge Easter eggs* there only new games so its not of all time. please


That's a lot of trust

Angela's Diary

This reminds me of the idea of that one black mirror episode! Anyone know which I'm talking about?


Fuck i feel the same type of things when i travel places, i always feel a lot of adrenaline and sickness when i travel and such, im getting a little better with age but it is really hard to deal with it. I dont want to try and get attentions for this comment, i just wanted to get it out. It makes me feel better to let people know.

Craig Smith

I agree to WhosHenryycomment:).


BLU Jello

She didn't give him a kiss... WHAT KIND OF TWISTED WORLD IS THIS!!!

Kys means




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