5 Best Racing Games 2016! (iPhone/Android)

Hundreds of racing games are available on the Google Play Store, and more are added all the time, but finding great apps worth downloading can sometimes be a challenge. Here we want to highlight some of the better looking games that are fun, mostly free (some with in-app purchases) and are worth spending your money on, or waiting for big 1.5GB downloads to finish.DOWNLOAD LINKS:5. iOS: Android: iOS: Android: iOS:Android: iOS:Android: iOS:Android: Here To Subscribe!✘ Best Racing Games 2015✘Mobile Zombies Games✘Upcoming Games✘Best MMO Of 2015!✘Android Launchers✘ Android Apps ✘Best Upcoming 2015 Games!✘ FPS For Android/iPhone 2015!✘͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)KEEPING UP WITH ANYKINDS MATTHEW!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✘Twitter✘

The Freestyle Throwers

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Blond Superpower Pocahontas Adventure with her useless sister


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adar4i 3

5:40 who’s dog is that

Anatoly Tereshkin

Has anyone noticed that the children are in the shape of a pentagram? 5:04

Parents: ok honey have fun

Rebel5012 Rebel5012

1 of my favorite QBs


How dare u I’m from RI

Richard Pickman's Paintbrush

This game's depiction of World War 1 is more disappointing than the easter eggs.

gach burrito

Wat is pro Anna ????????????????????

Eduardo Vergara


Anita Sharma

You are a cheater tyler

-BEO -

Queen Elsa COOL 😎😎

random animations 4 u !

category: sport ;D

Austin Chapman



Dhruva Goyal

I really want rockstar to make an appearance XD

Soky Dreamer

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Kidvamp Fury

read the sign in the jay and silent Bob video and it says guru kids stop

Weeb: (💥_💥)

not even 1 episode

Ohh......... erm um I mean poor mike 😢

David Arenas

I’ve never envied a group of men like I envy these guys! 😒 at least we can watch them have a blast 😩


Omg! They are using chainsaw by family force 5! One of my favorite songs! Wow

MasterMind Play

Jesus Christ what the hell is wrong with Ty ?? How can he win everything? Holy moly

ishwar global

Beautiful broo awesome I am from India


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