5 Steps To Start Making Games

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Kevin Tu

Garrett is the camera dude actually

Vince Russell

Sunny with bobish

Talia R

She should have her boyfriend arrested and press charges for spreading child pornography.

Fred Etienne


Firly Berliani


Jay Birch

when I first found that it felt like the best moment of my life lmfaoo xD


Dumb fucking song

Alrighty then

Ardra Rasendriya


Bryon Lape



Ставь лайк если ты русский! (:

Sarah Small

This is officially my favorite Ladylike show.

Let’s be Gucci like Taetae

I’m a ducking mess of all of them

Layla Barazi

Why am I watching the video on June.


He only noticed that something was off when he was a teenager?


Im so jellous

Nets with Kyrie and Russell

Jada n more!

my mom: i dont want a daughter like her

Kretchfoop 72

I’ll admit, this looks good, but I’m NOT pre-ordering this, not since you EA guys have had a long history of fucking us gamers in the ass

We can make it through the snow

the mystery man

Is this catch an realise


how do they leave this shit in the final cut?

Federal Star Allies

Comment section:95% my bday is March 244% hate and love comments1% original comments

Subaru Playz

Cmon, Next year for the new Real life Trick Shots?

Amanda Bankson

Bring back the beard!

Karan Agarwal

same here Garretts baseball fail for sure

Almighty Egglord



please add nightmare-begz on pan we can play Guru!



Yep he could dream

Eva Diop

Eggie from eggnoid wants your location

Qasim Momin

at 0:50 you can see the broken hoop when he kicked it in the bloopers and it broke


"My favorite anime's consist of, Cory in the House, etc"

Bintang Cahyana

It stills baffles me how people managed to do this so quickly

Breakthrough breakthrough

DatOne Dawg2016

I don't get the 5th one.

Felipe Dosis

Me encanta esta cancion como muchas del conejo. es arte del 2019 musica arte por mucho que digan lo que quieran. es la musica de las generaciones con pensamiento libre. con pocas trabas o eso es lo que creo. espero sigamos madurando


Dumb bitch

Lachlan Clark

Some of these women are real gross, attitude and demeanour wise.

So vegeta

Dávid Tompa

No offense but wtf is that wookie?! :D

Eva The diva

I have been skiing it is my fav sport and these stereotypes totally apply XD (and skiing is better)

Argentina 💋💗

Abby Tyson

Rip diamond 😭😭🐕🐶 🐾you will be missed


Why is mirrors edge your most favorite game? I know it is. Plus do you play/like the warhammer 40k world? If so what faction and chapter/unit do you like or want to be a part of?

Andrea Travassos

I’m crying


fuck the trolls who think this is fake, btw nice shot man



Mercedes Ray

Omg 🤣🤣🤣 let them serve the food all the time


Holy crap...I’m depressed :(


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