6 Craziest GTA Missions!!!

What's the craziest GTA mission out there? Too many to choose from but we've hand picked 6 that were suitably crazy! Check it out!▶ SUBSCRIBE: PATREON: ATG TWITTER: CHRIS TWITTER: JAMIE TWITTER: ALEX TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: SNAPCHAT:


This is how many people like builder


Sooooo it's like a personality disorder but with amesia?

Felipin Da09

WTF This is a new Eminem?????

That Anime Kid

'"Water" Garrett 2012

Всё интересное с Софией


Luke 43


PUBG Mobile warrior

I come here to see rage monster


@deathatafunerell "Kiss the Flag" by: Parabelle

JNA 14

Music Easter video eggs?

Trumpet Master Trumpet 123

The dude perfect crew has lifted up my spirit for about 3 years of me watching them and they never fail of making my day and what is a really cool thing is my favorite person is Tyler and my name Is Tyler so thank you guys


Is this really ur real voice ?

Miss Blank

chuck norris did this 70 miles away :D

Jack Morphinos

Dude I swear its an awesome day when guru uploads. keep up the good job mate!


Pst... the panda is cody


My favs were the peashooter one and the meglidon (sorry for bad spelling

Taz Devil

Thats so sad 😭😢 when i have kids they can be whatever they want to be

Cleaning Up

I’m really glad I’m emotional otherwise I’d be shook rn

Oscar 07

I think Germany


Of course borderlands 2 is first. Love that game

Patrick Looney

Drake aint shit. Keep this POS off the court. Hype beast faggot


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