6 Different Parachute Activities for PE Class (Ep. 13 SuperChute Parachute)

The classic parachute games get a great upgrade with the FlagHouse Superchute! Use our SuperChute Grip parachutes just as you would any traditional parachute, to develop upper arms and shoulders with vigorous, fun exercises, games, and dances. The 1`` foam grips are safer than web handles and promote better grip skills.Each week we talk to Physical Education and Recreation experts to find new and interesting games and activities using FlagHouse products.All products shown available for purchase at www.flaghouse.comIn this video:FlagHouse SuperChute Parachute 30` - Item 10789Rubber Chickens - Item 791Critters Bean Bags - Item 12068Buy in the US: in Canada:


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These games look awesome or is it just me

Noemi Benitez

I forgive you

FlufflePufff PuffPuff

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Hermione Young

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His voice is fucking awesome.

zachary 70

you sould make a pats edition

Makennah Engle

This kid is going places

Leapphea sok

I think he cheated because coby could of done that as well


Tammy 1 or Tammy 2?


The Just Cause devs were all for memes, weren't they...

Ayman Salim

Were you at the heathrow airport

but uh, nevermind

Yoboy O

Poor Cody Jones You’ll get better soon😁😀😁😀


Omg, the fixing Woody scene in ToyStory needs to be in thisss❤️❤️❤️

Aidan Loomis

We love you guru

heat wave

The dragon (and I'm just being funny ) after he got the pick was the ender dragon!

DJ Ama

Your music choice is impeccable

Masimeke Latianara


Master 's


Zane Og Llewellyn

was that a grenade?

TheRealMakeOutHillx Depressing beats

Have them react to broly500

Taylor Ball

4:36 ..... this is when it all goes down hill....for everyone.....except Cory😂


He looks so cranky in the beginning to be honest

Stacey Primmett

Can I please be on dude perfect team

Lucifer Awaken

a pool of water starts from a drop of water


Who ealse is whatching this at 1:30am


I don't mind the kappa one too much mainly because in the pic it looks Like they're drowning Justin Beiber

claire dose that

I thought it was 3am.

Brooke Czeschin

Does Coby ever win a battle?


How dare you forget Doctor Who?

sadie cat tv

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i dont get how stupid u have to be to dislike any of their videos

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Matt Mcentire

actually the real definition of an indie game is independent. An independent game company, just a group of random people, or even just one person are who make indie games. Technically a lot of the arcade games on 360 are "indie" titles. Just the indie section on XBL is very low end.


Clash of clans still a thing ?

David Duenas

@Tim3TSG You know, he did say "your the worst actor i've ever seen in my life"

Fighting!! 💪🏻💪🏻


This happens to me when i was in second grade but in my car

This video is

Lil Mega



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