9. Run to the Board

A good way to see how well students remember words learnt in previous lessons is to do a memory game such as 'Run to the Board'.This game will really activate your students' brains as they'll need to recall previously learnt words from memory.Teacher: Katie Butler (English for Asia)Students from: Lingnan Hang Yee Secondary SchoolDirector: Angelina Komar (English for Asia)

Qaasim Wasi

u should film with the avengers that would be amazing

Mine Mine

Absolute fuckin garbage.....please let the apocalypse come soon

Crstal Fairy Lights

Me : No.

Thomas Cochran

As someone who loves fairies and Celtic mythology.Yes.

Derval Cleland

Film it at the Grand Canyon

Ashly Rodriguez

Who else watches bright side like if you do


1st place = The best ending to a videogame. Ever.

Son Goku22

Top 15:”Burger King foot lettuce “

Eric Cartman

#10 on trending street

Alexis Bargowski


William Désourdy

Great video! Good job!


What Ethan needs to buy is a shirt. It's the same as the last video

Transform any negative energy into an aura of "Possibility". It is our perception that makes the difference in the way we feel.

Khoa the Awesome Guy EST. 2011

My best is 192292929292929955696968 miles


when you said nuke dukem, I thought you were referring to the game itself, considering that it's a reference to the holocaust.

Ichy McOceanman

is the character having nightmares about his past were everything used to be on horrible retro graphics or just a thing were developers added to revisit da 90's Wolf3D

Jamie Bowland

Do one with amary cooper

Richard L.

dynamax magikarp used splash!!

If a duck is a duck then whats a cow?

Whoever this girl is must hate herself cause damn this comments😅😵

This site shows every detail how\2vO95I

La Mala

Ive been depressed since i was very very little and im talking kindergarten bc my parents split up when i was 3 and i used to always be sad and just start crying and it doesnt fase me now but im just always sad

Eloísa Cruz

I'm the avoidant, and I date an anxious type. Yep. Not that bad. We both are walking to the security. But it takes time.

Ps4 Ps4

She kinda took it too personaly and thoaght too much...I mean she could just delete that 18+ app and facebook but instagram? She made her instagram private so what's the problem?

Krishna Sagar

That's so cool

Tapan Debnath

Friend. I have been suffering from GAD and panic disorder s



Jordan B

Ty stop winning

Uriel Martinez

stephen curry

Sam JB

I will win.


sameer aamir

Can't wait I want a time machine

democratic heat wave (over 2,000 people died of heat wave every year), democratic child labour (over millions Child labour underground), democratic corruption (asking for money by Indian officials openly), U.S Government- Here you go, here is a TPS . Sorry if you already answered that.

Azooz Al-Harbi

I press like for the Giraffe

Dylan Knauff

when are you guys doing OT9?

André Silva

+FunWithGuru exist any Deadpool (VG) easter egg?

Raymond Rabbitskin

3:42 that little poster on the bottom right corner was from toy story, mainly from the seen from the dinoco gas station

kin 2up and garg1up

I thought Brazil but Germany won

chey dubs

what is the song u played??

Anthony Rivas

This is exactly what i have and go through everyday every night


Can we finally stream to youtube


Yes of course panda


Why is the beat a actually insane?

Hayley Chase

Do TRY TO Get mad!

Noah Green

How do you not have a million subs yet your channel is awesome


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