Accidental Win - Battlefield 1!

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reed huddleston

1:03 he looks at you

Christy Smith

I love Cody's face after he throws the basketball.

IzzyRose LovesBnha

That sucks! But like, this is why you apply for citizenships. These people had about 20 years to do that. That's what I disagree with. I know that immigrants are people, but if they don't have citizenships, they aren't legal . That was irresponsible to wait so long that it actually happened (no pun intended). And the worse part is that they were working, productive people, but without a citizenship, that went to waste. This lovely family probably didn't even mooch off the government either, unlike other unworking, non tax paying immigrants. I get that everyone deserves a better life, but if you aren't going to work for it, you shouldn't be making other people do that for you. It really is sad though, how this family could've had such a nice life, contributing their share to making everything work.

Lulu Zou

Boy, can we exchange places? I wanna be a boy and im a girl. Yep

Shanza Mohiuddin

I was crying my eyes out

Kevin Balls

he used to be one according to his bio

Makenna Petrusek

Okay don’t get mad but “Asperger’s syndrome” isn’t real


yeah but random unjurisdictional killing is fine - geez get over it - none of them said : NO

Baker Salahat

Snake broke a statue's penis just by putting his hand on it, i wonder how he pisses

kaleb toys and games



Man, Didn't know I was going to see Big Black in this video. Really miss him, what a legend.

Nicksterv Hater

Where’s coby?

Frank Graham

CORY but team GPH Garret purple hoser

Ravi Panchal

What have u done of this much fish

• M a h y a •

Early squad where you at

The big three

At 1 40 look at the ditermination ps bro mo should be it own channel

Amy Njoroge

I was in Insta wen this came out!


You know what I really hate about your videos? Then ending... Why? Why must your videos end?!

Руслан Гайдуков

Это опасной


8:00 If my high school memories serve me well, the inscription reads "Αναπαύσου εν ειρήνη" (Anapausou en eirene), meaning "rest in peace" in Greek.

Samvel Pirymian


Oscar Mai

But why he go ???? So he can be up there lol


You know why this channel is called FunWithGuru ;)

Amy Kingsolver

it is super fun my son went there

pewdiepie hlep call 18000 sub

I got a phone when i was TEN i love my mom and dad


We stan wholesome dog content

jason chong


꧁ ৡۣۜ͜͡ Scar Face ৡۣۜ͜͡ ꧂

0:54 song name?

julian Ramirez

Sword of Dormin 👌

Sszuper Szenator

I live in Serbia in a little town :D


w8 then how tf does darts work lol

Truett Bond

Who else wishes coby will win


Humans are the best!

Leefee Leaf

2:51 lol

Saira Hernández


cristian donado

i didnt know that they were christians


@maplestorynub132 shaha. stupid. thumbs down

Jack Borr

10:10 kinda awkward commentary seeing burning cross, if you know what I mean.


4:36 the shot was so intense it knocked the orange right out of the target

CeCe Bandy

I also almost got struck by lightning to

YOLO1 مجهول

Assassins creed


Emulater Gamers


Sweet Honey



aye lemme get them coordinates


Just look hard enough and you'll find an answer that fits your narrative

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