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Fresh Pink Apples

I'm to scared, is the problem

Ateez is Everywhere

now let's go to illusion! XP

Torchic The Great

Ganondorf be like: ‘sup ni**as did you miss me?

Jaquan xD Upso

i have his merch adidas go shout All of the Mob the dead characters (I forgot they're names)

Mattingly Germack

Fuck u Johnny

DJ Cockwaffle

You have to be 5 years old and autistic to think this is actually entertaining

Pratibha Mathivanan

There are only 4 members where is the fifth one

James Weldon

Huh huh huh huh huuuiuuuh huh huh huh

Gaming with Gabe

I liked cannon

Eu Nice

The no.1 heartbreaker in the world and ghost girl people want to know is the one that says "you are not the one" then vanishes

NF: nope,the only thing it DOESN'T need is people like you ;)

Tiffany Danford


The bigger problem that i don't know what i love Baby girl, you got it, girl, you got it, girl (Oh-oh)

sucide Gamer

Twins never win..

I cried especially at the end!


“We always feared Elsa’s power was too much for this world”Bitch please, she can make ice. I can think of at least five different ways any normal person could kill her.1. Sneak attack2. Wear a heavy coat 3. Fight her in Kansas during July, the land where cold doesn’t even dare to exist4. Get on a boat away from shore, and bombard her while she fails to make it to you5. Show her some of the “Elsagate” videos and she’s likely to either commit ritual seppuku or jump in front of a freeway.

Parents: have an open relationship

Ramesh Dangol

wow this guys are amazing

Samuel Hair

Ty my Dude

Frederer Power


Heskel E

Wow awesome 😱😱 dude

Vijay Baskar

Dig a holeName it loveWatch people fall in loveLike if you got it!!!!!

Mary Payton

They didn't put Kobe winning

Lance Grapes

you wasted cakes that should be in my stomach and mouth....

lldns Sucks

I don’t speak spanish even though i’m mexican i can understand every word he says 😭😭😭

Soup on a stick

Probably the only group of people that can throw a square peg into a round hole at 50+ yards and make it fit.

This vid You are very different

the puddlesucker

Dude I love your editing, it's so good

jillian moore

Ok was i the only one who heard Ethan scream BITCHH in there scream off??

Bloom Gloom xoxo

My dad passed away last year December 28 from a massive heart attack and I was the first one to find him because everyone else was asleep ( I'm 10 )

Hamd Sheikh

I only knew the Hitman easter egg... I guess I played that level too much, it was my favourite mission ever in any video game, knew every inch of that hotel

quelle heure est-il C'est l'heure du déjeuner

I am pretty sure that is Jaiden animations

Einzelgänger Geist

correction: magnetically suspended

Yuvvy Miron

Im watching in 2016 haha


Dj khaled is shit though

The Commie Loli

The MGS easter egg hit me really hard tbh. And I've only gotten to play Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain. But I know the series is adored by many and I still love the series even though I've played the last two MGS games (not MG Survive. That game is total ass and isn't even Metal Gear. Fuck Konami.)


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