A FREE Dinosaur App Game! - Wild Jurassic Dinosaur Hunter Simulator 2016

It's more of a downloadable advert that sometimes breaks out into a dinosaur game. I think I found the meaning of 'Free' on the app store.❤❤❤ For Exclusive Updates you can find them all here ❤❤❤❤ Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Twitch:

Lul Stee

Wat happen to bosley


Damn. D3ViilLZz needs a better connection XD

Jaden Pascual


xxx_D014nTw1n8_xxx Izzy

16:38 idk why I laughed so hard 😂😂😂💖💖💖💖

Jaden Terveen

Real talk bro I feel the pain great music !!!! Your the best rapper out right now stay up bro you got this shit 👌

me: 'sick dying blood everywhere

Cream Arunnopparat

3:33 lol is that Thai language

There is No God

Wait, is Dorys voice done by Ellen Degenerous?

Alisa Fox


Domino lover

The two mads

Kills p.e teacher



TypeRT23 Jr

Now he's at no Pelicans

Austin Vulic

wait wha- dwa i am speechless

Kayla Burger

1:20 for the video

Certified Female LoLicon

That awkward moment when you realize you are deep in the third wheel zone


Happy 6th Anniversary!! I love you more and more each day and can't wait to love you for the next 6 years and beyond! <3

Eric Martindale

Did anyone else wince when Optimus prime got hit . I hate ty for doing that!!!😡😡😡

sports man

If garret in dude perfect dude perfect is perfect


Everything is that movie was taking from zootopia


7:50 guru easter egg :)

Prentiss Austin

230 pizzas what are you doing??

Bryissc Santana



Dude bruhh!

kenzi Labay

I was born three months early


I guess im the avoidant type. But the secure type when I trust people. I definitly couldn't be with the anxious type.

Sarah Rodenhi

Smoke him Cory!!!

TheEverest Guy

fuq drake is a clicker haha

Squids AJ

I would slap him. If I knew he was manipulating me

Susan Jacobs

That is a cool slingshot so awesome 😀.

kiran kekane

Please can you give me a golf stick

Grayson... it’s became, not becomed 😂

Affan Siddique

You should meet c.ronaldo

SportsGaming 22

Go Cardinals

Howard Maala 31



Your editing is getting more beautiful with every video. Great work Guru!


I'm thirteen, I've been bullied for nine years, told I'd never be anything when I'm older and have been beaten up, broken down, had depression and had severe anxiety problems. My two elder brothers dropped out at fifteen and my parents think I will and should too. My brother's aren't happy and are working jobs they aren't happy at and didn't and aren't going to go to university. I didn't want to be unhappy like them. So I worked as hard as I could.

Rachel Otremba

6:49 Celebratory, Aggressive snow angel 😂😂

please sub :( 9.👍

Zana Kurteshi

Please review Jaclyn Hill cosmetics lipsticks. I love you btw ❤️❤️❤️

Nick DeBruijn

Who is watching this in 2017

Cindy Roberts


i literally do that all time time 💀

Spiridoula Lagou

You have twins?


That song?

Sean Buenaventura

Cj uh


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