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Awesome again guru

ret ard

fortnitem I love fortnite yes play fortnite all day

:3faithishope:3 :3

I’m Arabic and I have a good morning to you please

1like= hope for her family.

trick shots n vids


Ricardo Rios

Guru! Have you ever thought about a Glitches series?

Brendon Leet

You worked at simply crepes? Place is legit

Mystical Fox

I'm Absents

Michelle Ankenman

I am so scared of clowns 🤡


I dont think ill ever come down YaH

Zoo animal in John's zoo.

keaton topping

Please can I have a shirt and hat

Hattie Simpson

Dude I need that trex sprinkler!!

I am thy hooman

Is it just me or did he get tanner? I mean there’s nothing wrong with it but I’m curious as to why@(・●・)@

Lily Noble

It was a school for the disabled... people in wheelchairs, people with deformities aNd pEoPle wItH gLasSes

Para Egor

этот бородатый дебил на Кадырова немного походит

James Buggie

It is David I am a fan

Nirmana Artstika

I dont know if mangrove could grow in those weather, but in tropical country like my country, Indonesia, it really helps. Its jut like we made sea wall but using living tree, and those trees is using their natural ways to minimize wave and sea level. (sorry for wrong grammar, english isnt my first language, so yeah:)


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