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Requested on All Request Saturday Night, on "HartfordsBigD" .

honeydrxps :p

then, I passed out!

Mikey Eckman

Football sterotypes

Matthew Mertz

is panda ok

afitap kayira

I love the panda

Carlos Lantigua


Vice Principle Roy

plot twist: the psychopath was thanos

Miki R Kissler

3:54 tyt in the left background

Cami Pow

"o my... atlanta' lolololol

Thomas Reed

Makes me wonder if you'll fight Darth Vader in this since the story for him was being the jedi slayer as a sith lord.

Bodily Fluids

Finally! Some one that entirely does Easter eggs! The feeling of your videos are incredible! Keep it up!!

Ryan Evans

I didn't understand 4

Daisy Cardenas

preetys on the inside

Mario Maillet


Tad Andrews

25 bounces 2019


I think the hitman one must've been a glitch at first but when they found it they thought it was funny and decided to keep it and make a joke out of it. Just a theory though.

Just Nic

The cottons almost never win. I still believe in you guys, keep trying.

Boogie City

big facts khawi shut kd down the last time they meet up in the playoffs up 40 before zaza did the sausa on him

David Dean

Who thinks this music is trash?? Like if you agree

Katerin Piper

10:12 🥰


You forgot the stop hammer time easter egg

Fortnite post Of the day

I thought u where staying healthy


you are the best channel


such show offs

what can i do?

PenguinRaidz Nick

Kids don't try this at home. YEA WE HAVE A 500 FOOT TOWER AT OUR HOUSE

Thats DIY

I can't speak...... I need help...... I think...?

So Weird

1:37 is freaking hilarious! Hahahaha

Marco Antonio Assam Marcos

i will die wathcing the easter eggs of gta 5


The art is so pretty wtf

The King

man i love your videos especially the beats you play during them where do you find them


Are there spoilers in this video? Could'nt played it until now..

Will Roth

“What America did you grow up in”

Shubham Asari



Lieked teh veedio guru. good job

Brent Perry

These niggas need to drop an album NOW to make up for all the legendary vibes we missed over the years.

That’s right never punish your kids ever no matter what and I’m sure they’ll turn out great in the future. According to some random guy on the internet who has probs never studied psychology in his life.

U.S government: slams table, * *STUPID NOT GONNA LET YOU GET THE CHANCE

Antonio Fernandez Diaz

And head shot At 5:10

Lisa Schechter

Raheem sterling I think he’s one of the top ten players

Dragon slayer club productions Llaguno


Devang Mittal

coby will never win any contest Tyler😂😂😂Now send me a tshirt


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