Al Green - unchained melody_


Kingdom hearth 😍


red team name coke

Swapna Patsamatla

I’m nine and I know had to throw a two seam fastball,four seam fastball,changeup ,cutter, screwball,slider, curveball, knuckle curveball,breaking ball and a knuckleball

Ezezkiel Mulifai

God bless those kids and thank you dude perfect for helping these african kids out coby and cory stole something these kids hearts


Will you be doing a video on Destiny and if not can you give me a shout out? 👍

Fantastic Chelsea A

My favorite trick shot was the panda ambush


Matt and Wade’s confirmation was all I needed now I am complete


How did they Change their skins?

Because there was literally no variety. Just shooter games. That's it.

Literally no one

Cowboys 214

See how they changed the title of the video


I just have FOMO

Doug Owens

#1 world's most complex easter egg

I love ❤️ this channel

Curleyfro Parker

Hi Jeffree - You, Nathan and your family have my deepest sympathies. Pets are sometimes closer than people so I appreciate how you're feeling right now. Feel better soon.

Ramon Soto Pichardo

Awesome video brother Nice

ManaghanBoy WT

Anyone else go back to look for dent marks on the car?


What are ye doing IN MY SWAMP???

Some Randome Person Mahoney just gona adopt

Abhishek Gupta


bradle ridgway

Resses penut buter

Pixelmando Slaps

I think you forgot the zero gravity Easter egg

Endrws Werjer


mhymhy rosel

wilhelms scream in assasinns creed bloodlines when i throw my enemy


man i love the effort they put in both dying light games.

Jesus Christ

"Go to the unknown""But be careful" No shit


Also lush is the name of the cinema in infamous 2 where you can see the movie uncharted love is playing which is a referance to uncharted

Little Sailor

She can walk on water, she is Jesus. It is confirmed.


I have six eyes four noses and two mouths what am iUgly

Emma Nguyen

Best of 2018?!?!?!


Roopam Dutta

that was an awesome easter egg series bud. Keep up bro!

Charlotte Rosenberg

Has anyone noticed that the jerks’ hair in the previous video was black and now brown?


Hey we are two kids doing trickshots without being cringe ofc it would be nice if you checked our channel and subscribe too? we've doing this the past 1.5 months and we are doing really great thanks!<3


You were pregnant with ur boyfriends child.... wait what

The_Bestskill_ Ever

Why it is in French

My heart can't--

Drunken Dionysus

I probably love the terminator Easter eggs the most. XD

Pearl_ Cosplayer

Woah woah wait, your telling me that I'm anorexic. These things don't make you anorexic they make you skinny and better

Connor O’Brien

A indoor pool with a inflatable raft

Pedro ValDep

Algún español??? No???

I feel like i lost complete faith in myself from all these endless swings, YOU'RE THE FIRST ONE TO MAKE MY FEEL UNDERSTOOD...

Dollie Williams

Red tem


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