All Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs & Secrets

Check out my countdown of the Top 100 Easter Eggs In Video Games - Part 1--~--All Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs & SecretsSo this should be all the Easter eggs in Far Cry 5. I was lucky enough to get the game a week before launch so I have spent a long time trying to find Easter eggs in this amazing game.*Be sure to follow me on Twitter: Me On Patreon: 10 Far Cry Series Easter eggs: Easter eggs: 1 Easter eggs: for more Easter eggs, secrets and sometimes the odd moan.All Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs & SecretsAll Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs & SecretsAll Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs & SecretsAll Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs & SecretsAll Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs & Secrets

Battle Skull

Rick Smith JR cheated at 2:52 look at it yourself he used a credit card instead of a playing car

Hudson Poulan

Do ice skating or regular skating stereotypes


No, it's Christopher Mintz Plasse, from the live-action. As said by Ubisoft.



xo kitten xo

Ugh I hate when parents just assume you did something wrong and don’t just hear the full story. Like😒

Mary Elizabeth Mahan

I was looking at umbrellas

99% grunts/confused screaming

JaKodi Williams

Damn RIP 🙏🏽

Zaida S.

Tyler actually a pretty good thrower. Theres sum white people put there that are just good at things for no reason. Tyler is one of them😂

was done away with.


They want the boy to be Superman. Wtf?!!

Dakota gp.

Happy New Year everybody


I'm really digging the visuals.Love the contrast of brown and blue

there are no cause for it but it happen every time when I watch your videos . I just wanna write it maybe there are other feels like me ( no I'm not paranoid ) if you like this fun fact the thubs up is grey so paint it blue ;3

youtube amazement

i used to think i liked this channel... now i dont, DEAL WITH IT

Pink lemonade

Omg theres 666k views on dis


Nice vid guru!

Kitty Playz

Omg this is so sad I cried so much 😭

Jess j

thank you

Bionic YoYo

1:17 totally reminds me of the breath of the wild trailer.So is this actually an open world Pokémon game kind of!!

Gerry Magee

This is basically ty perfect

ahmed khan

Black mirror vibes

Andrea Pech

WTF The Dog! hahahahahaha


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