Army Bus Driving 2017 - Military Coach Transporter New Bus Unlocked Android Gameplay

🎮First Game Made By Xbraker: Subscribe: Second Channel: ♥ Friend Channel: Android Game: About This Game: Army Bus Driving 2017 is an army bus transportation simulation game for training new military drivers in the us army training school in hilly areas. You have to transport us army soldiers and Special Forces commandos to us army training school for training different drills and activities. Fasten your seatbelt, grab the steering of your army bus and drive army training bus on offroad tracks, hill climb, this track is very dangerous for driving long vehicles and intense weather make it more challenging and difficult to drive army loaded bus on curvy, slippery and deadly off-road tracks. Prepare yourself for exciting and daring for free army bus coach driving game on the store. You will have to drive to US army military base camp and would play as a driver of a military loader truck and army transporter truck.Extremely tough driving duty on deadly tracks, very limited time n different hurdles, hills and breath taking mountains are challenging missions for military officer driver. You have to prove that you have professional and experienced offroad driving skills and take army man from small check post to the main army base camp of battle areas. Time is limited for reaching the check posts, it’s your duty to drive different and latest army buses to help the special force army commandos and other military officers to drop them to other check posts from base camp of hilly areas where war is at its peak. Daring driving start when you accelerate the engine of military coach transporter buses. You have to drive army coach bus in between the mountains, water falls, excited impossible tracks and it has been always difficult and challenging task to drive on such a deadly offroad tracks where there is no chance of survival if your US army bus slip from any edge of the offroad impossible tracks. You need to be a professional military driver and need to be prepared yourself for extremely challenging army drive ride along with a variety of army buses and other army coaches. Lets drive maximum to play with your desire army truck and military coach to transport army soldiers from one base camp to other army check post for helping other military officers who are fighting with the enemies. Let’s become the professional and experienced army truck driver and drive the military coach bus in the green hills and transport army commandos to the war frontlines for fighting against the deadly enemies. Drive army bus on off-road tracks from military checkpost to other army base camps. Feature of Army Bus Driving 2017 - Military Coach Transporter:• Adventurous & exciting multiple challenging levels.• Realistic army buses.• Extreme off road stunts while bus driving• Army Character Animations• All control Modes i.e. Buttons, Tilt and Steering controls• Original vocals over wireless devices• HD and Amazing 3D Graphics• Day Mode gameplay• Realistic controls over the off-road environment• Easy and free to use• Offline Game Play• Amazing camera view to deliver you realistic bus driving experience• Explore the beautiful open world hilly and mountainous environmentDon’t waste your precious time, be a brave army bus driver and be a best player of this epic army bus driving game. Army Bus Driving 2017 - Military Coach Transporter is live now, just download it and enjoy the most challenging game on the store.

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