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Emery Barber

When is Jeffree gonna come out with a foundation?

Bred Crumz

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Jack Gifford



grammar has died yet again

(STUDENT)Jesse Martinez

I like the baseball part


beloved galaxy

3 Million already, we really did that. Ateez deserve this so much.

Claire BlueBerryBear


joe fuller

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Emily's Art

She was so excited to Draw with Jazz.................Jasmine


Oh no my sisters going to freak

Danny Mills

You should do Disney stereotypes

Erick Perez

im surprised u didnt put in the over 9000 easter egg well that was gust a random coincidence that i found but its there


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There's also M. Kemal Atatürk's sign on a baseball :D

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I accidently pressed the disilike button first, then liked it :)

Juanma Piamba

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Mr. side burns. 😋

Harsh Deep

5:34 Should we tell her?

Vanessa and Matthew Alman

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Pixelated Kookies

Narrator: but I can make a brighter future for myself

Kristófer Kristjánsson

Does any of those Easter Eggs work as a achievement?

Raul Toxic

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Jeff Armbrust

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Tai- -Tai

Did they say that at the same time? 25:36


In GTA V, In the last Dom side mission, Dom jumps down the dam like an assassin

jacob adsett

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