BanKo Perlas vs. Motolite | Set 2 Highlights - June 23, 2019 | #PVL2019

PVL Reinforced Conference 2019: BanKo Perlas Spikers vs. Motolite Power Builders | Set 2 Highlights | June 23, 2019Subscribe to ABS-CBN Sports channel! - our website at Twitter:

Pro Turbo

Классный монтаж

Devid García

Lele tus videos mayormente son Cheveres pero este fue muy aburrido...

Suaibu Jallah

I may be 16, but that only leaves me with 2 more years of adolescence, therefore I will do what I can for myself.

Isaac Ast

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Churchill was right, democracy is the most noisy and violent form of government. Majority rules over minority, the minority always has to defend itself.

Arabian Mariam

I'm so excited! This movie actually got me hyped, not those lame live actions. And Elsa, slayyyy Queen 😍

Alina Bueno

in scared to tell my dad to stop drinking....Like 2 or 1 day back then he only drank but it gotten worse once he yelled at me and hurted my feelings really bad he made my new year's and birthday bad im scared to talk to someone i need help


Next episode throwing needles "Through the hand loop"


Question: Life


How tall are you? I'm just curious :D

The hot tub guy

Ryhan Putra


Naeelah Odd Potter

Dude perfect is perfect

Graydon Trujillo

I counted the total swings coby had less than ty and ty won like boi what is the point system

Raymond Hernandez

i guess thats 2012....

Samuel Whitt

Who thinks they are the best at trick shots ?


Mind blowing man! What a finish! Love you for this man! You are perfect in all way! Keep it up bro!

Logan Webber

He looks like a rappest not to be rude


but u r using them now guru lol jk keep it up

Casey Villanueva

Bow Shooter

altayr 2011

Чувак который пишет субтитры на русском.СПАСИБО ТЕБЕ!

Bella Benavides

If I ever come to you I can take a picture of you and aunt Missy can figure out how it's turned into a picture

Lillian Durkin


T3ch the virus cat

If I could get a dollar every time she said    

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