Barn Find Toy Piano Restoration

TOOLS & EQUIPMENT I USE:Red Line EZ50 Powder Coating System: 3000: Oven: Blasting Cabinet: Aluminum Oxide Media: Grinder: 6" Brass Wire Wheel: 8" Buffing Wheel: Black - Jewelers Rouge: Cleaning Table/Sink: Cleaner: Simple Green: Paint Stripping Gel: MEDIA: Instagram: SUPPORT: New Merch: you!

Ramesh Kumaran

Psychiatrists will go to the extent of prescribing antipsychotics or even rediagnoze it as bipolar or schizophrenia. How else can they sell the junk drugs and the 374 Diagnoses. This is the fate of anxiety depression bipolar ptsd which have not responded to their first line drugs namely because their drugs were ineffective.

Trinity Stenson

4:41 boy what are thos feet

Mika Kawaii

You are brave and kind 💪😊


My last video got to 100 Likes really fast which meant alot. It takes literally 1 second to Like and makes me happy : ). Thanks.

therealdragonboy2923 tube



Hey guru, have you read pat rothfuss's kingkiller chronicles?

niolen missi

Làm về lego

Assi Army

Where was this

Antoni Ciciulla


American Storm

i wonder what those stupid teens think about the movie "friday" lol


Ty has an arm

Jared WElch

Panda is the guy on the orange bike, they have the same shoes

Justin W

2 weeks non stop gaming* doesnt wear glasses

ugh, your mind

the fact that kylie pays attention to small details like that ring ariel wanted was cute omg,,,, still this was all too expensive for me lmao

my profile pic shows how im dead inside


Abigail Maldonado

I have Asthma and it’s terrible. People think it’s not important but when you have an asthma attack it’s one of the worst feelings. Not being able to breathe. 🙁

lakeih williams


Mapagmataas HyPo

10:40 ахахазхахахах😂😂😂

Kaykay GamerDragon

I played for Arsenal soccer club team lol


Well she is clearly dead now or dying within 5yrs

Casey Jones14

Ryan plays for the Miami Dolphins and I play for the Palm City Dolphins both in Florida

KLOKER Animacije

Uhhh yea im Serbian.

Ayden Hernandez

Please give me a The hat

Isabella Garcia

This is sooo sad now all I think about is how blessed I am with a mom and dad and brothers who love me and each other........

I_have_no_friends 27

2019 anyone?

George Mar

Purple hoser power

Ian Carlson

btw, in that 3rd, final Ratman den... with commentary enabled, there is another SSTV Clip different than the radio frequency one.

Clayton Gross

I had to watch it again. Maybe 2 or 3 more times.

Olive Montgomery

I am a griffindor and Harry Potter fan too

Emperor DarK

Scary as hell


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