Battlebots: Top 15 Memorable Moments

These are the craziest, nastiest, and most memorable moments from modern Battlebots.Top 10 most destructive bots: 10 best bot designs: that this video is a top 15, which is inherently a critique, and is therefore protected under fair use.

Reina Shmayssani

Nice 👍

kitty fan playz

I mean he


Tie the pie

aidan chris


Elsy Gomez


My suggestion pls make dunk tank nba..

Samantha Shotaro

His reaction when he flipped the golf tip

J WolfGaming

What did I just watch 🤯😐🤔 Jimmy: No...

Jegadeesan P.

i like dp carsand i like dp

Kerem Kıryar

guru can I say 2 words?

Tomm Hankzz

Fuckin fire

Shadow Fox17

We got Mulan, Rapunzel, and Belle to help you out. Now you are safe❤❤ (Ok I'll take my leave)

Callum Brain

TheSyndicateProject posted a video about this easter egg earlier today mate

Need I say more?

Angel Cry Forever

The music just gives me Endgame trailers and GKOTM trailers vibes

Gaming with Cole x


Allison K

2k18 anyone??

Jess BTS_Army

My older brother was a stillborn 😞

Lourdes Trevino


Dark Pineapple

Watch out watch out watch out RKO out of nowhere to the Christmas tree

Nathan Landrum


Diego Ramos


Adoption is an option.


Most useful Easter eggs??

Teh Film Makerz

I'm gonna try this with my friends. Thanks man, this is awesome


Could you please make a video about life evolution plzzz


*watches My Hero Academia with subs*

Eoin Camus

Panda ambush is my favorite

feryal ;

What’s happening to her body at 5:00

pro gamers

Wie kijkt dit in 2018

Mc Mack

Why are Disney movies becoming so fucking dark now

Friend: spits out drink

Carson Simpson


Lilly Ruffin

R.I.P Big Black


Gig 'Em

Mayelin Hernandez




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Joshua Spilker

Chicago Cubs


3:04 lol


Any one else filipino


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