Battlefield 4 Killing CHEATERS Part 2

Previous Killing CHEATERS video: seen in the previous Killing CHEATERS videos and in this one we often times saved the 777 Official server from late night cheaters by switching teams and killing them repeatedly. I mentioned this in the BANNED from Official Servers video where we were banned from the 777 server.


stereotypes ftw

Shadow Heart

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Happy Birthday Areil 🎉🎁🎁🎉 and I am big fans of yours kylie jenner. Love from India

Ralek Reichenbaugh

There is a special place in heaven for people who warn about jump scares before it happens.


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Reo M.C.


Jared Morrow


capitanagaby10 :D

I bet you you’ll have to watch DA WHOLE MOVIE to fully understand

Joe James-Nimmo

What was the vechile

savakan 907



I am thy hooman

This was actually very creative I didn’t see it coming it’s also very informative (^ω^)Great job!

Cole Diaz


ᗷEᑎ ᗰOᖇGᗩᑎ

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The ultimate edition was great in my opinion ,what do you think Guru ??



Vansh Institution Of Education


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You are amazing

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