Battlefield 4 Random Moments #86 (To Infinity And Beyond!)

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Praxina TheVitta

She is the real jerk here

Unstoppable Bros

My birthday is the 24th, too

Ryan B

When did you get verified?


He looks so different with long hair


games a joke honestly.

N. Turner

I thought it was a pig not a cow 😂


2:31 USS Midway. This is normal with DP.

Andrei Grigorian

2019?Edit: you now what no chance

David Slayer

3:10 That's a bull not a bronc



Catpower 2003


Lucy Treverton

OK... but does anyone else think that they're the guy version of mean girls?? Matthias = Regina George , Michael = Gretchen Wieners , Tanner = Karen Smith. just a thought..

Hollow Jack

i have a feeling that the last one was a reference to doge

John Reese

Paxton Main


Lynessa Parrett

My sister was also born 4 months early so was due in December but instead born in September she was only a pound she died a lot they restarted her heart my mom was that my sister wouldn't live for long at most she would make it to 5 and she wasn't gonna walk talk do anything but have a beating heart she had a hole in her heart

liam mccrory



Grand Theft Auto San andreas!! that is.


can't say anything just WOW 🤐🤐🤐😱😱😱😱

Ashley Miller

why they couldn't have used amari cooper

scott grabert

You should film with Marshawn lunch plz


3:57 i actually think jack marston (johns son) wrote the book, since he loved books and johns actually dead.

Micheal James SantaAna


Reed Collins

I feel old

Chitra Rekha

Giant cricket battle

Ellie and Isabel

I was also born November third


So fake


5:11 Raiden would be pissed

Andrew Nguyen

The animation looks amazing

Worker: ok Oklahoma

Nigger Beater

Omg they looked so different now

Venom Snake

*WARNING* first easter egg may cause a heart attack.

Charly Jose



Esses caras são incríveis 👏👏👏

Majid saber

Its amazing !! Unbelivable !!

Phony Vidz

ohoho, found new dream job

Ruli Mahri

Yang bisa cuma komen


I thought it was tic tac toe or checkers

It's cuz adoption exists


nothing happened

help v

this is so emotional i nearly cried

me: okayay then

mduduzi sibiya

Damn 🙆🏾‍♂️🔥🔥 Drake Money talks for real now I agree


Cory would be win


La pièce est à côté de la tirelire

Olivia Murphy

What is that at 4:14 ?????


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