Battlefield 4 Random Moments #99 (LAV Trolling, Great Spawns!)

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Emi Topaz

Me: also reads Title Y E S

family hedges

Go coby

Dr. Darko

its the stag specter. look up how to get it, im not in the mood to explain it, but it has to do with the storyline.

MalayPlay Games

The last part of the video the girl said vikk was short, but i think if she didn't wore those heels she wouldn't be that tall😂. Just saying

TBM Life

Idc James Bond movies are always the best imo

Put A Plumbob On It

Yess Queen

violet sackinzi

this is why im not having children. but i really want too, but the pain!

L & L Channel

All Seahawks

Edwin Sanchez

Tell me why his character looks like hero Hammett from big hero 6


I dare ty to dab

Saru Vijayasankar

Anyone in 2019.Also, RIP the TV and Christmas tree


Wow. In the second Easter egg I thought it was meant to be two guys who robbed the bank at point lookout (hence why it was broken into prior to the bombs falling) but wow. That is very much a reference to that movie. I have never seen it before but that Is very cool! Love you videos, man.


There's a lot of missed high fives and handshakes in this video...It makes me feel uneasy.

Eric Towns

Lol Kim Kardashian

Kyle Bell

if you want you to be top comment say something funny or awesome not beg

Rantih setianingsih



u should have named it "Dear my Future," idk ;-;

ruby aftab

So if he is in antarctica and the other one is in usa , they can communicate like this.


What is the video referenced at 8:25?

Fermin ballesteros

0:10 name?

Elijah Elwell

Rip silver bullet 2019-2019

Norma Rea

Dak Prescott do him

Ting Yun Yeong

4:18 you wanna be sick?! What?!


Denise Asmussen

You are always sick

Allan Biala

Did you like NMS, Guru?

Gus Irving



“why is grandma black” the question is why izz u Asian 😭😭😭

Keith Whitfield


Technical Soham

Team coby

Alchemy Stunt Crew


Angelina Anorve

We have too be nice

Beast boy


B Holz

At 3:15 in the video ty is in the background




First one to lose wins $10,000

Alisa Nn

I'm a simple human. I see sugar daddy I click

leom9240 leom9240

Before trending 🌚

Master Aqua

If only Donald and Sora teach her magic control.I hope Elsa become a summon in KH4

Hamed Plays

#yiayjob PORNSTAR

Gabriel Godinho

Que merda, parece jogo de play 2

Deepa Anish

Dudess I love you

Redden Molina

Dat intro


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