Battlefield 4 Random Moments 61 (Amazing Knife Save, Flying Tanks)

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a cunky chicken

he was in morrowind and oblivion and commented on the actual game


Pretty much it’s outbreak

Kiwa 91

So basically you are terrible waiter, you were rude to your customer, sprayed champagne at a customer, then just fricking LEAVE (like wtf) 😂, and passes out on the customer who you sprayed champagne ons car.

She's a CEO at Duolingo



Charity Scamman

Need to do this again since it was like three years ago. Loved it

Holly Marie

Whenever I order I say Who’s


Frozen is connected to Star Vs The Forces Of Evil? xD (magic unicorn/horse)

HD Production’s

DudPerfect is a awesome channel I watch this a long time haven’t watch this in a long time R.I.P Trick shots video😪😪

"you're awesome, i love you... thanks for all what you did"

Alberto Toribio

He was punching me and my girl friend and I had to beat his ass it was all over social media because he got an ass beat

Aditya Talwar

MY favourite Coby will win a battle

Everyone else (ladies) : OMG THATS SO AWFULLLLLL

Samad Quddoos

Nice job


I’m very protective over my younger siblings around my parents. My mom having loads of mental issues while raising us means she is a little bit abusive herself. She’s only ever laid hands on me which I am grateful for, anytime she has tried to hurt my younger siblings I’ve always stepped in, they don’t deserve to have anything happen to them.


How are u coach from lfd2

Cr0at1ansensatn 77

That portlandia clip is what got me into asmr for ever ago

Cakra 221

A burglar broke in

Destroyer - gaming and reviews

Bring Cristian’s Ronaldo

Savannah Muncy

Now i kind of want to play Minecraft with the gun mod.

Sebastian LeRoux

Same 2018


About to be my most heard song on spotify 🔥🔥

Bailey Cooper

That was deep, I don't know what to think



justarandom girlhere

3:53 when you listen to this with your eyes closed it sounds exactly like one of those ASMR roleplays

I'm a virus of space *not telling*

Now I know I dont need to fear animals I DONT NEED TO FEAR ANYTHING it just matters that I live good die and live...even tho all my life I thought....*why do we need to die..I want to live forever...but now I dont I want to live forever. end life when I'm at least done with everything I ever wanted to do in life....but right now I'm 7 and still have years to go...but whenever I die..i wont worry.. all my family will be with me soon..even tho it wont be the same..i would thank life death god and jesus...i would never lie that life was to short☹😁😁😁 is still not for what your concern.....everything is..not just need let it go it's ok when you die..your life has still a place in your mind.but there is no death... we still live in the highest place to live..Heaven...


9:55 what song is that


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