Battlefield V Review

There's an unmistakable familiarity to Battlefield 5. It's rough in spots, but the formula incorporates some small tweaks and truly shines in the more focused objective-based modes.

Gerardine Way

There are no ugly people, there are just people with different styles and disabilities 🥀

sachin keniya

I just fell in love with Elsa again 😍😍😍💟💟💟


imagine the bad students in english class watching this now...

SuperBreadMan _

Anyone else think that the voice that’s playing in the beginning sounds like Vega from doom 2016?

Jared G

The audio is horrible


This story had such a beautiful ending,u never know wat the future holds :)


They really didnt put any effort into the animation did they

Isabelle 3

Part 2??

Aaliyah Herron

I have the same situation. I haven’t eaten a full meal in months. And I’m in the part of the story where my parents still fight. But there will hopefully be a court order on the table, hopefully.


I really like the art.

Solar Games

This song clean asf💯


expose him!

Chuck Fina

Did the pilot shout some phrase particularly related to one specific religion?

Reverse Sharky


Nouman Ul Haq

Can you do cricket edition or shots

Katie Jones

Also I guys should do a whirly ball battle against another group of 5

jorden poston

im not nice lol i would of told her to leave idc if shes crying

Burak Özgül

Samantha s talks has fucked my ears

its alwx

my favorite is panda dunk

Серёга Черный



Epidural can lead to permanent loss of feeling or movement in, for example, one or both legs in rare cases. To me personally, knowing this - I would not have an epidural.


No ice skating lol

Suning Starseeker

We need to restore the Athenian Democracy.

Paul Hegarty

New channel name:Venom Perfect pool

You actually can...i just wanted to make you smile! <3

Bri Young

My wish is for one day Cole Bennet directs one of my songs🙏


I thought you were dead...I never knew how much I missed these


The safe house on the right of the dark zone is a Ubisoft dev studio with a ton of game references, my favourite place to go


Kein Agent Locke😍

Sum Gui

Hoping it'll be good, but after Halo 4 and 5... eeeehhh I'll have to wait and see.

PTB Indian


MrPumpkin 708

4:17 I did not know there was a flux capacitor in the train

Immanuel Sostre

Do it at the Statue of Liberty


Excited to see how fast the views will climb

Grayson Fuller

Go big😝😈👾🏈🏀⚽️⚾️🎾🏉🏀

Dinner-fork tongue

This video is seriously OG, holy buzz.

Egeh Sbebje

Me: * hears weird noises*

Rather Not give info


Ahora ve la vida diferente


never thought i’d get asmr from peter fucking griffin

Ostrage RBLX

Me don’t care

Thank you

Giorgi SaakashviliTV



Fuckboi music strikes again. 🗑🛑🛑



Apache King



ya i was in love when i was 2 rekt :)


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