Bell and Howell (Apple II+) Restoration

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Angel Madera

This is a cool video guru. You're one of the best at finding easter eggs.

A Girl And 2 Cats Cats

I need advice. I go to this middle school with so many bad kids. You can always hear them call people sl*ts and wh*res and white b*tches. And there is so many of them that I would literally have to miss all of my classes to go to the office. They bully people too. I have already been to the guidance counselor's office so many times. And there is this rumor going around that this girl is forced to do innappropriate things against her will. And we're only in sixth grade!!! I don't know if it's true or not but the boy that's being accused is in my math class. He looks like the person that would do something like this too. But I don't want the counselor to think that I'm lying about it. But if what's happening is the truth, then I want to stop it from going any further. But the girl used to be so happy and talk to me almost every day and now she just looks so plain. I really need advice on what to do. Please share with me your thoughts

Fablink Minecraft

41:46 so, it was just a toy game



In me2, in one of the tourist shops in the citadel, you can find some books written by Drew Karpyshyn, one of the main writers at bioware.



... Pls send help🙃🙃🙃

AlexWatches .Vids

i have the same gloves for receiving




Wat u did i do it to it is fun

Anime Fan

I am so excited for this

Panda Jenn

I know this feeling all too well. Thank you to whoever submitted this story! I totally feel you!




Good vid

Katie Stauss

Worlds largest slingshot ever was my favorite




One of my favorite references in video games is in Borderlands 2, an NPC says "I used to be a vault hunter like you, but then I took a bullet to the knee."

Aisha Khan

Waste of food and ruined court


Is this going to be a real rainbow six game?

Rielly Dugan

they should shoot at the seattle needle


What does 100% quite bond rating mean?

عبود احمد

Vary good😍😍😍😍😍

The Red Salmon

no sound in space


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