Bert Kaempfert - Someday we'll be together

Bert Kaempfert re-arranged many "hit songs" of the sixties and seventies for his orchestra.When hearing such a piece, you each time discover that "Bert knew his business as no other".Not only did he each time "stick to his own style" but he also exactly knew how to accentuate certain parts of a song.This arrangement eg of the famous Supremes hit "Someday we'll be together" contains all the typical Kaempfert ingredients (the Botho Lucas choir softly humming in the background, the famous "knack-bass" of Ladi Geisler, the alternating brass) but the title refrain here is being accentuated by the choir actually singing the words (together with trumpets).True Kaempfert fans will know that this is rather exceptional in Kaempfert recordings, but we assume Bert - in this case - found it necessary to "make the music complete".Obviously he also will have been influenced by the "time spirit" of the seventies where "vocal groups" and choirs were becoming more and more popular.Maybe this does not belong to Bert's "best" work, but on the whole these "hits à la Kaempfert" remain "standard good quality music" - even up to this day.From the 1970 album "The Kaempfert Touch" here are Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra with their interpretation of "Someday we'll be together".Enjoy ! (And oh yes : feel free to disagree ;-)that's what the 'comments board' is there for !!)

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