Best Maid of Honor Toast EVER! (Bride’s life told through musical mashup)

Matron of Honor completely surprises the bride & groom with a pop music mashup detailing the bride’s life.

Jack Prieto


Lisa Esposito

I'm Canadian

pro gamer xxx

Fuckyou type

Gabrielle Witcher

Loved it

Roblox Anthony24

first one to reply is gao


So the one easter where you wait 2 minutes is just the helicopter flys away? Or am I missing something


how about Sniper Elite 3 easter eggs


Hila you are a BOSS LADY !! Best of luck to you and your family going forward!

Sivasangar Ananthasubramanian

Mr. Excuses is permanent to Cody and rage monster is permanent to tyler

This is a short version of my story. My comment will probably drown in the sea of other comments, but I don’t care. I just wanted to make this for some reason. :>

Madison Grocki

8 on trending

Lisa Official

This parents deserve to live at HELL

Dark Widow 64

Why did I first thought this video was 2 years ago


Loll the person who sent this story was probably 12, not 17...😂

Rossie Steward

Pensaba que el tiempo de Bad Bunny había terminado..


Nice uploaded after my birthday

AIRproductions 1

That was funny when ty fell in the water

daniella gaitan

Who subscribed to this cause I did and this is for the panda mascot🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼


the monkey could go to the moon with earths rotations and what have u?

Randy Douglas

So where is Keanu Reeves like in the thumbnail or was that clickbait?!

urka leee

Ugghh Keanu is such a daddyyy

starlight army

they cling to everything when they do their best shot 😂😂😂😂


Billie eilish is king

I wanna be his friend

[Verse 4: Drake & Chris Brown]

Press Start

at 1:58 his pants fell down

can I please beat my wife?

Beep beep Imma sheep

I’m 12 and have a I phone 8

Webb Constable

no. coby will not win


Bf is fucking epic...cod has nothing epic...only explosions and chaos that u dont understand a fuck

The Midden Family


Джека Джонник

Красавчик! 👍так держать!

EnlightenedMind TV

Dang I'm done

Dain Tucker

Do a fail vid plz👍

Jesus García

Materialistic egocentric culture. Dislike. 👎🏽

Gucci gang

Colton M

John snow wins


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