Best of House Mix [Monstercat Release]

Support on all platforms 🎧: Monstercat Best of 2016 compilation is a special time for us. It provides a snapshot of all of our accomplishments in the past year, both our successes and our struggles. Most importantly, it is a representation of who we are, the community, artists, and staff that make up this great family that we call Monstercat.This year has seen a departure from our focus on genre classification. Often times these titles become the focus of discussion surrounding a release, and can sometimes overshadow the inspiration behind the song. We believe that in order for the entire community to continue to grow, we must set aside labels, and focus on the individuality of each artist. With that being said, in addition to our Best of 2016 album, we are also launching the final Best of Genre compilations to mark the end of a much loved Monstercat tradition.The other Genre Compilation Finales:Best of Trap: of Future Bass: of Electronic: of DnB & Drumstep: of Dubstep: of House Tracklist:00:00:00 Laszlo – Interstellar00:01:46 Hellberg - The Girl (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)00:04:56 Vicetone - Nevada (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)00:06:44 Rootkit - Concrete Jungle (feat. P Keys)00:09:20 Mr FijiWiji - Believe Her (feat. Meron Ryan)00:10:52 Project 46 - Signs (feat. Shantee)00:13:13 Haywyre – Do You Don’t You00:17:47 Karma Fields - Build the Cities (feat. Kerli)00:21:10 Nigel Good – Space Plus One00:26:10 Rich Edwards - Where I'll Be Waiting (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)00:27:50 Hellberg - Synchronize (feat. Aaron Richards)00:30:47 Trivecta - Drift Away (feat. Charlotte Haining)00:33:48 Puppet & The Eden Project - The Fire00:36:48 Eminence & Soulero - Invisible (feat. Mari-Anna)00:39:04 Laszlo - Home (feat. Richard Caddock)▼ Follow MonstercatSnapchat: FM: Want some new Merchandise?

baconarmy Soltani

Sad story I began t to cry

Malene xoxo

I loooove your makeup look😍 you look so gorgeous❤️

Mark Ahern

Do you keep taking shots until you get it 🏈🏀🎾⚾⚽🎱⛳🎳🏂🎿🎯🏆

miss mango

Voldey gave me MAD tingles yo

Hot Sauce

If Raptors win they will say it was because kd was rusty due to the injury.

Thimmaiah M B

Anybody know the song?

uknown 00000


palmeri the gamer

Drums came in you didn't see that coming what a bar

Pilot Ace

No theres no sound in space because theres nothing for the sound to travel through

chanti Games



I used to be a panda like you, until I got shot in the knee


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I’m an ambivert 👌🏻 Like now for example I’m up for anything but at morning I’m just sleepier which means I don’t want to talk to anyone because I feel safe when I’m home mostly on my bed

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Digambar Chougale

Solution to any f*ing problem "Build the WALL"

Old town woad

More like a giant penis to me




So excited!

michael sammells

I lost it when Cody dropped his pants

kara leedy

For the elephant toothpaste you need 12% hydrogen peroxide

Kristers Mucenieks

This is Best stereotypes video of dude perfect

Splash Xhox

No abras "Más información" o "Leer más" I'm turning 15 next month on the 6th (surgery happened before my 6th birthday, so it's been 9 years) and doing well!

Nelisa Goso

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Andre Oppong Agyare


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Kendrick Dacayanan he still running?


Poor Porter

اضحك من قلبك و شوف العجائب

it's really a great video

MRV Villacruzes


Daniel Cook

2:15 how did they get all those books out there

Elena Stoecker

I was a bit confused this whole story

Destroyer S

I’m still,pissed from what happened and we should of gone to the super bowl

Wrigley Watson

The first one is called elephant tooth paste    

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