Best Pirate I've Ever Seen! (Game Fails #219)

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Yarad Yisrayl

Leviticus 19:28


1:15 She's holding onto the back of the chair but there is no chair seat under the table

ayip fadhilah

Cory is the best ever ever ever and ever!


Its like weed

white arrow and the guardians

What if the pe teacher was hired in chloes school dun dun dun!!!!


Number 6 is gta 5 6-5=1 the illuminate has 1 eye illuminate confermed

Totally Hackerman9000

No i cant i have crippling depression and my family doesn't even care about me. I been told to hang around with my family but everytime im there i get isulted. So what is the point of living anymore? Why am i here? Was i just made just to suffer? Just to slowly, turn deppresed and have a long death, i just hope things get better so i dont think of killing my self cause sometimes i think about it to just stop the pain and the suffering i was made to be in.


I wish his parent disowned him


Why isn't a113 not in monsters inc

Nafis Akbar

I like that battlewhichis won by

Mohamad Fayad

They would never bring it back I feel like they tried to

Caitlin Humphries

Wow, this is almost exactly what happened to me. I was also very young and she was 42 at the time she died. I had no idea what I could have done and I still blame myself that I didnt know what was happening. She didnt die from stroke however. My father decided that it would be better for her to not suffer anymore. I didnt see her very much either. She didnt do dialysis in our home, but at a place as well as a full time job.

Qi Liang

Today is Cory unlucky day

Christine Chavez

What about the trick shot that gofirst to the hard plastic and it go to hole in one

Mother:how cute

Ankan Kisku


John Johnson

I got some Dunkey vibes from this video


The Legend of Elsa: Breath of Autumn


Peyton Dragoo

could I meet you guys

Joey:feel the pain

FullKibbles 7527

Lol this is like The Bureau RAID Heist in gta v!

Carmela G.

I'm so Anxious

Bro its bad luck


Why YouTube recommended me this vid 10 years after ?

Spock Spock

I've had vertigo like 7 timesIm not even 20

Reagan King

This made me feel so cold

Karen Cameron

99% of comments:17 year old mom 17 at her time

Juan se

Son los cracks

Chaotic BlueShell

Joel's daughter,Sarah is wearing a Justing Bieber shirt when she wakes up.

Magic8Ball Productions

nothing compares to the Sailor Moon Easter egg in the original


Sounds familiar to me, I don't know why

Sends him the link

Tyler Brown

Garett is the best dude in the dude perfect sqaud

Santanu Goswami

Who is watching in 3019.;-).

MelodyBlue Gamer


Hope you like that story it’s one of my most personal

Dennis Godoy

Coby should have won

Pero llamó la amiga diciendo pa' janguear, eh

Lakhvir Jalaf

You are 48 years old


@EggBobCheese tis is as real as it's gets bro

Michał Sokołowski

In 3 there is also secret blueprint.

Purple Fire 28

I can sense MatPat already

Tupac Thug Life

I Can Feel The Pain💯😢


ME AND MARBLES HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAYYYYY what am I saying why am I excited of having the same birthday as a dog🤣


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