Best TV News Bloopers Fails #4

A collection of the best TV news bloopers fails.

Mees van den berg

Why always the rage monsger

Alan Govender

Rage monster and trash talker

Your happiness

Jasen Smoot

does the alien head snowman thong work for a lines multiplayer?


Here's a really scary jumpscare.

Sara Ginn

The blue paint on the grande means a practice grande .


Is it just me or is there just a gradual decrease in quality within these videos epic makes?

Hashim Marsuni

dude perfect game 2 suck


I've actually found a few of these on my own....but i never realised the references.

Gayle Goerge

America is always a great place to

- adriana -

I really dislike these kind of videos because rug gives everyone their “reward” even though they got none right👎🏾 it’s a challenge , yeah yeah he’s trying to be nice but then again why even do the challenge if ur not gonna do it the way it’s suppose to be I meannn just my opinion

PJ Bananas

I wanna be a boy

Chuyin_ 220011

Todo mal en estos cortos!!!

Thomas McAlpine

The long ball is insane 😱

Fantastic Chelsea A

Wait a minute

-Gets 3,415

Joce Ramirez

i bought a ticket from nebraska to la and i didnt get a ticket :,( so i cancelled my tickets and got only half my money back :( and he made more seats :(

Robbye Link

I jotall right

Samantha Christine


Victoria ????

... greyson thought he was so bad spending 987.00 i was like 😭😭

Colette Shiu

Her: I'm the only healthy person in this family


Then when that girl grows up and becomes eaither a great success or crazy then what

Max Q Davis

that passa was pretty impressive

Tatjana Nunić



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