Blippi Truck Wash | Truck Videos for Children by Blippi

Blippi gives a red truck toy a bath and the real thing a truck wash. Blippi gets the truck more dirty before making the truck clean. If your child loves trucks this Blippi truck wash video is a great truck video for your child. For more Blippi videos like this truck videos for children watch more Blippi at to Blippi and Blippitoys at

Official Ackabackaboo

dang i got a %61 beautiful on the test and i felt like crying >.<

Jesus Paid

KD's offensive rating is like a 99. But when Kawhi is on him, KD's offensive rating actually drops to a 81. Kawhi's offensive rating stays at a 97 regardless of who is guarding him and it's still on the rise. Kawhi's defensive rating is at a 99.6 and still rising too. So what this means is Kawhi is the third best human being to ever play basketball - behind Jordan and Olajuwon. Case closed. No debates or replies needed. Just watch Kawhi play closely and you'll see what I'm talking about. Love you all, and bye!


R.I.P World Record 😂

ryder bush

You should film something with skateboards.


do you ship grayson and emma?

WAIT wrong channel ok bb

Football/Soccer Nation

Germany won

Mad ChanLol:3


Jane Le

Can we all agree we hate the person that brings nothing but takes everything

MiAidil 00

2:01 so relatable 😶

Anonymous Hacker

441 club yahoh

Kejipop Allen

If my child said they wanted to be trance I’ll be like girl plz like dat gonna happen

MysticSpawn Gaming and more


Berkley Stovall

I've been to this exact jump street their at

Michele Cecere

Make Tyler spin the weel

Ricardo Valls

Not sure putting a face in the center of a shield is a good design idea...

k e l l y

My name is Chloe irl o-O

XXXDarkAngelAnavel XXX

I know what vulva is and I know what vagina is so pls don't search it on google


Truly a master peice.

Tristan Heitkemper

Can't wait to go get riptide, are you excited for the game guru?

Elias Rammah

5:11 there are floating hands...


Telling someone it will get better is the easy part. But after a while, you stop believing it will get better. And after that, your life just doesn't feel worth it anymore. To get out of bed and think to yourself, if I want this to stop, why don't I end it myself? I am a terrible human being

Vfftdrcrt Copertdrdrdr

Who is panda?????

Joel Spitzer

Hello Fire:


showing spoilers to get reactors mad for a challenge? yeah that's the line for me

Sports Fanatics

Throwback to when DP used good music

Gabriel _Game

I am mouse

Bowtie Productions


Joe Luis

Is that tom Satangato.. joe Santagoto's brother lmao


You are still gonna do Borderlands 3, right?

Vaneeza Vaneeza

awwww that was sweet :3

Jordan A

Another dope vid @funwithguru , loved the music for the transitions.

luis Eduardo

Wow what a stupid ass crowd fuck them booing for no fucking reason Shut the fuck up! Tony didnt ask the ref to stop it. Little fake pussy bitches piss me off shouldnt even be watching fighting little fuckers

Apple Lynch


Ahmer Shah

Who is watching while reading comments?

David cruger

This is so helpful, thank you so kuch for making these

Ali Mohammed

17 and a half seriously

Gary The Snail

1:07 so why does ty have 1,400 in cash? Like yeah I got 1,400 on me here you go

Natalie Schwartz

Does amazon ship Polly’s?!?


this is so cute

N64 and PS2.. ah the good old days.

Paul H. Kircher III

You mean you met.

lilly baker

I thought therapist said the rapist ooopppss


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