Bloopers That Will Make You Love The Avengers Even More

The bloopers from the Avengers films might be some of the funniest we've seen in a while. In fact, they're so funny that it's hard not to fall in love with the films all over again.In the realm of superheroes, especially Norse mythology-derived superheroes, you're only as good as your accessories. Thor has quite a few: his long red cape, his long blond hair, and his mighty hammer Mjolnir. When it comes to his hammer, it's so tough and unbreakable that it took the might of Hela, the goddess of death, to finally break it in Thor: Ragnarok. Maybe they got the idea for that moment from this blooper in which Thor's magical hammer sure seems like a very breakable prop.One of the few things as iconic as Thor's hammer in the MCU is Captain America's shield. It's about as classic as superhero equipment gets and it's so powerful that Cap routinely busts through walls and locks with it. Unfortunately, the real prop shield they use in the filming is a lot less useful than its fictional counterpart.Watch the video for more .#Avengers #Bloopers #MCUNot so tough props | 0:10Vocal flubs | 1:10Hulk run away! | 2:11Short-circuiting Vision | 2:43Not so serious | 3:11Captain America's hot tip | 3:47Room to vroom | 4:24Stan the Man | 4:47Great job, Heidecker! | 5:26Did you say Wakanda? | 6:06Doctor of dance | 6:45Asgard's funniest home videos | 7:40Comedy Gold(blum) | 8:07The cape can't cope | 8:53Iron Man can't suit up | 9:26Wild, wild goat | 10:27

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Personally, I thought the monster hunter easter egg on peace walker was really cool because it let you do an actually monster hunter styled fight against monsters like  the Rathalos or the Tigrex

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kim jong un isn't that crazy, he just creates controversy to cover up his plans. pretty clever


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Something a little different from my normal uploads, I hope you guys like it. I like posting more to this channel, I really do enjoy making these. Anyway, Is there any chance we could get this video to 100 Likes? Your support has been incredible, even more than on my Glitching channel. Thanks and Enjoy the video.

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