Blue Sky - 09-19-71, SUNY Stonybrook, Stoneybrook, New York

Allman Brother's Blue Sky

Ameera Rashid

Is it only me or the SINGING VOICEin the start reminded you of The Siren from season 8 of TVD??!!!!

Cooper Patterson

Did anybody notice that Tyler was in all of the successful shots

Jman Rip

We want the depressing stuff back, not this chirpy clickbait shit

Dead Killer

At least Chad wore Dp Merch.

HAH! -Gürkan

I'm really miss The Eleventh.... ;_;



Claire L

Seems a lil bit like a direct to dvd not gonna lie - just all of the fall stuff, and that horse omg

Shaiakh Amjad

Ayy you're back with a new gaming vid! I click like before I even watch your vids!


They should have an NFL QB faceoff

 4) If the tab you opened says "Go To Sleep!" Close it WITHOUT LOOKING AT IT and thank god you didn't have to hire a therapist.   Wiggle

Oskar Keith

23m views but only 448k likes. :(

Jackson gentry

No bmx?!?!


dda ecinEdit: read it backwards

Antoine Lanthier

Good job with this one, i know it was hard for you to release it, its not as GRAND and BEAUTIFUL as your other video , but it had to be done,


Hahaha toast

Taimel davis

dude perfect vs Avengers


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