Bob Andy - The Games People Play (Subtítulos Español)

Oh the games people play, nowEvery night and every day, nowNever meaning what they sayNever saying what they meanFirst you wind away your hoursIn your ivory towersSoon you'll be covered up with flowersIn the back of a black limousinePeople walking up to youSinging glory hallelujahThen they try to sock it to youIn the name of the LordTalking about you and me and the games people playThen they teach you how to meditateRead your horoscope and cheat your fateAnd further more to hell with hateCome on and get myself on boardTurn around and look at what you seeAh what is happening to you and meGod grant me the serenity, yeahTo remember who I amFirst you've given up your sanityFor your pride and your vanityTurn your back on humanity, yeahAnd you don't give a damn, a damn, a damn


Team PewDiePie, duh

Nobody's gonna love you like me.

If Elsa dies here I'm suing the writers.

Marco Aurélio

in the rage monster cody's phone was in the water and it broked

Ms Corvax

😳🤢 😡😠all this is sad and wrong. Those poor kids having undergone such a messed up abusive family. I don't care who the adults are doing but they are not worthy of being parents.

Derpy Studioz

Isn’t turning to your left and then turning left again is behind you? 😅😅😅🧐🧐🧐

Thats not true!! You cant say that!!! Haven’t you’ve ever heard of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is children that have CANCER and more. Cancer woman!!! Thats dangerous! You might make something think that cancer is for elders! You shouldn’t think that. Im not trying to hate, but you REALLY need to take a-lot of health classes. Not trying to hate though

FrŰnd L\0/L

Who is watching this 2019?

Wasim Choudhury


gacha girl angle angle

Same with me but when I grow up about two years later I had to get neck surgery when I was only two and now I have asthma it's better than dying a breathing disease

tess panican

sad to say but rebrickulous beat dude Perfect in longest lego walk. sad dudes.


That's so sad... I cried I'm so WEAK !!!

Jacob Cooke

lmao at ricardo.


00:35 Himmm, shiny!. :D

Booboo Nun

Im so sorry cloey

splendor Inthegrass

I have all these characteristics and I wouldn't change a thing.

dora's house

I love pepper pig😂

Atakorn gold

Wow frozen 2 is epic movie ever. New song is very good.

Kutay Çevik

Why is teddybear supposed to be scary

Twins Time

Can you guys do a kickball(soccer baseball) stereotypes


I did a football edition because of this!

Karen Kaur

I am so sorry sweetheart. I havent gone through this but it was.NOT your fault. All the best wishes.for you 💝💝💝

nicholas bullock

elton john vs. freddie mercury


One of them could be the panda

Venomous X

Random English comment from the sound the song is sad😥🤔

Bully: —walks away—

cut em down outdoors

Name that shot the netter

Graeme Hambly

Eh- given the choice I prefer chicken to burgers. And Wendy’s in Australia only serves ice cream and hotdogs

Randolph Mccree

I like all the trick shots that y'all do


pia! the fox!!

This is like american ninja warrior


NO 😳

AJ the killer

i love you trick shots i am a trick shot player

Christian Tyson

You broke those basses jaws

Boy:Which one will you pick


2019 anyone


Did they film this video with normal people in the theater?

oh sorry

Val Forsdyke

Team Ty


I kinda just fucking suck, I have medium legs, short legged people fucking Mach 10, long leg people Mach 7-9, and Medium legged people fucking 2-3 mph Fuck め

kittycandyfluff pup

best day at beacch


Did anyone else notice at 4 minutes, one of his pistols was down a shot? CUZ ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY!

Squidward Tentacles


Ammarie gg

Are you 12 wtf is wrong with you this girl is hella pathetic

Dan's Projects


Girl \/


You have a nice voice 😊

Outlaw Adams

I wish I was Ty's friend he seems like a fun guy and will Coby ever win


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