Bob Dylan - Hurricane (Audio)

“Hurricane" by Bob DylanListen to Bob Dylan: to the Bob Dylan YouTube channel: Bob Dylan:Facebook: Services: shots ring out in the barroom nightEnter Patty Valentine from the upper hallShe sees the bartender in a pool of bloodCries out, "My God, they killed them all!"Here comes the story of the HurricaneThe man the authorities came to blameFor somethin' that he never donePut in a prison cell, but one time he could-a beenThe champion of the worldThree bodies lyin' there does Patty seeAnd another man named Bello, movin' around mysteriously"I didn't do it, " he says, and he throws up his hands"I was only robbin' the register, I hope you understandI saw them leavin', " he says, and he stops"One of us had better call up the cops."And so Patty calls the copsAnd they arrive on the scene with their red lights flashin'In the hot New Jersey nightMeanwhile, far away in another part of townRubin Carter and a couple of friends are drivin' aroundNumber one contender for the middleweight crownHad no idea what kinda shit was about to go downWhen a cop pulled him over to the side of the roadJust like the time before and the time before thatIn Paterson that's just the way things goIf you're black you might as well not show up on the street'Less you want to draw the heatAlfred Bello had a partner and he had a rap for the copsHim and Arthur Dexter Bradley were just out prowlin' aroundHe said, "I saw two men runnin' out, they looked like middleweightsThey jumped into a white car with out-of-state plates."And Miss Patty Valentine just nodded her headCop said, "Wait a minute, boys, this one's not dead"So they took him to the infirmaryAnd though this man could hardly seeThey told him that he could identify the guilty menFour in the mornin' and they haul Rubin inTake him to the hospital and they bring him upstairsThe wounded man looks up through his one dyin' eyeSays, "Wha'd you bring him in here for? He ain't the guy!"Yes, here's the story of the HurricaneThe man the authorities came to blameFor somethin' that he never donePut in a prison cell, but one time he could-a beenThe champion of the worldFour months later, the ghettos are in flameRubin's in South America, fightin' for his nameWhile Arthur Dexter Bradley's still in the robbery gameAnd the cops are puttin' the screws to him, lookin' for somebody to blame"Remember that murder that happened in a bar?""Remember you said you saw the getaway car?""You think you'd like to play ball with the law?""Think it might-a been that fighter that you saw runnin' that night?""Don't forget that you are white."Arthur Dexter Bradley said, "I'm really not sure."Cops said, "A poor boy like you could use a breakWe got you for the motel job and we're talkin' to your friend BelloNow you don't wanta have to go back to jail, be a nice fellowYou'll be doin' society a favorThat sonofabitch is brave and gettin' braverWe want to put his ass in stirWe want to pin this triple murder on himHe ain't no Gentleman Jim."...#BobDylan #Folk #SingerSongwriter

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I dislike frozen.

Sebastian Iversen

wow. the ending was deep man


2018 anyone plz like

Eathonol Pie

Imagine how long it took to set up all the bowling Pins in round two!?

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I want to join in your group pls


HAHAHA LOL 0:15 at the right screen



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When has there not been a rage monsters

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4:02 damn perfect hand written


Cody was hilarious 😂

3.everybody says to me ,,JUST SMILE"

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Anyone see Cody break his shovel at 5:49?

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I see guru upload I click simple af lol


What a great moment, when the world is so grim this brings me a shed of hope & joy

Square Enix : No I don’t.

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This looks fake the black guy shot the basketball down there and it looks like the guy up there made it


Hey, that's me in the video, here is my channel! Thanks for playing/ raping zombies with me Guru!

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Very good video

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i really missed the videos with more shots than only 1


3:32 Excuse me, WHAAAAAAAT?

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Albo-_- haze

Wtf this actually looks like it was a film


Hello, I have posted a story on the site for posting stories :)

dave arthur


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emma, about to do the jump: you will not catch me

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I literally cried. Gosh this video made me cry so bad. I don't cry so easily. Hit the like button if u cried....

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I have zero interest in games that feel soo "on rails". Games like that feel like an amusement park ride. At least fake an open world feel. Might as well be watching a movie. How will someone elses experience differ from mine?

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OMG you did my idea THANKS GURU i said to do indi game easter eggs last video

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Et de la Cruz de la Cruz de la Cruz de la

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Happy birthday sweet grandpa

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Oh here we go , this story won’t end 😂

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She is beautiful and matching personality



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Mike trout

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I’m confused about this whole story line what am I missing what’s even happening sis


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