Bob Marley - The Legend Live @ Santa Barbara County Bowl 1979 full

Bob Marley & the Wailers, in his last recorded show, at Santa Barbara County Bowl, on November 25th, 1979.Thank you Bob for give us positive vibes! One ❤️Please SUBSCRIBE for more videos to come, Thank you!!!I dont own this video, all credit goes to Merlin UnionSquareMusic


Wtf I was just watching this guy earlier


coby the camper

Nyshaia Carey

I ain't gonna lie I'm so used to seeing Asher on Andi Mack and was gonna get regret listening to this but I'm surprised and actually love this 🔥❤

Manny Ste.marie

I just noticed that these things have freaking drop away rests

Branden Park

I lurb 🍩


June Jimmy


Aliens Exist

Love the Cinemasins reference. ;)

Pepe the bomber

that ending made my day

Kateri Herald

It has helped me when my mom passed away last year August 29th 2018

Muhammad Farhan



Who hasn’t heard of you’ll shout your eye out besides cody


Hachumall Love

Her: so I did what any person would do and stalked his profile. I’m going thru the same thing

EM Productions

what song is this

Kennedi Bowling

The artist HAS to be color blind cause this is pissing me off

Unstable Boys

Amazing ❤

drtrongamers team

We dont have the same situation but we have a similar story. I’m sorry for your loss.

Jacob Oconnell

What happens when you deep frie metal. Then pour liquid nitrogen onto it? I would like to see

Quinn Belair

Film with tb12 Tom Brady

Y u change the video name three times


I bet there is a secret dinosaur in the gam

Izabela Rocky

Coby will win

Jordan Thompson

Most of them were the same

Gabriel Tejada

Cool office.

Michael Faulkner

Where did you find the english dub of Fullmetal Alchemist?

Nexus 525

Being autistic myself, I can relate to the struggles it comes with. It took my so long just to find a starter job so I’m glad you managed to make some stellar results.

Campbell Simpson

I’m eating a lunchable...don’t judge me

Why are you looking at my username

“I hated myself. I sobbed. I shook.” sorry I chuckled at that... because she was sister shook.

Hojo Ma

You should have told both your parents for them to knock some shit into him....

My friend is the same way


I feel blessed. My period usually lasts 2 days and 3 days is the longest.

(2:27 lo llamaban Romeo)🤦🏻😂

Aleksa Perpauer

CoD has much more players than Battlefield and they copied CoD


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