Bonnie Tyler - It's A Heartache

The lyric video I used to watch got banned in my country so I made my own! Hope you like it! Please rate, share, subscribe and comment! TagsBonnie TylerStevie NicksFleetwood MacSteven TylerAerosmithNatural Force AlbumSong SingleTotal Eclipse of the HeartI Need A HeroFiber OneCommercialRaspyVoiceSingerComebackBlondeBlue Eyes EyesBright EyesHeroHolding Out For A HeroShrekMovieShrek 2SequelFairyFairy GodmotherPrinceCastle King KingdomPrince CharmingCoverFionaDonkeySingerSong Song writerPopular SongRelevant


no that's Activision


Great videos! Although i must say i like your game videos better than you movie videos. 


Hi Google:You have brain cancer you're basically like already dead

Zoe vashti


Code G.I.R.L

I thought she at least would go to a couple of self-defense classes.


Anyone else catch that DJ Kaled easter egg or was it just me ?


The GOW one was pretty funny but in GOW:3 do the mission where u get to a school and make sure our using Cole,, then go to a slide then hit x

Thibo De Volder

Idk what that refference is -.-

Sherry Lee

Next Can You Make A Whole Video About Pranking Coby With Cody, Gar and Cory

plotting to take the channel

Manasa Reddy

Yo man

Abbott Answering

have to have high high hopes for a living for coby

P. Riley

This was so HEARTWARMING imma bout to cry 😭 😭 🥰 🥰😔😔😖😖😖😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

william moy

coby I believe


BCW fan

Life hack level 100000

Geilovakt #4

It's a little bit old now to play this game.


bluebird 2500


Iyus Sopandi

Are u crying?..


I’m obsessed with the last of us... so this video is gold

Quinton kelley

whats the adventure music 1:42

Charles White

I hate you Tyler Tyler the worst oh my I can't believe you think that anyone likes you you're the worst

MyOnlineChinese _dot_com

New series is best and your videos are awesome


7:38 is not the pink floyd cover, is just the light pssing through a crystal prism.. a very ol experiment

Bryan Kelly

Subtle and intriguing ..

kanokpol kawansuk

marvel vs dude perfect


yeah, fake.

lightnindash 3804

beer me, Jim

Rez Phoenix

1 like = 1 slap across that horrible mom's face!

Parent: Tell them what you want to eat

Syko Gaming

Tyler is beast


Team Cory

gonzalo guka

OOOOH Damn, i saw all that movies xd. Love ur vids guru <3


Every place in all countries have the same computer savvy people. And do the same. Some already made the same thing, same idea.

Pinkdarling ii

Okay guys I guess the "he went out to get milk" jokes are funny for you at times but please watch the whole video and maybe a couple other of there videos then ya'll would realise this is a slice of life.

Griffin Grimes

Yoooooooooooo check out my bball trick shot vids

Gatcha Tube in YouTube

My dad did this too....

Adam Carmona

I’m tryna get a dirt bike like that any body know what their called?

daryl indradjaja


Alan Vera

Les juro que desde que salió no hay un día que deje de escucharla

Téa Mikaela

that lady at the checkout when you saw ethan’s price😂😂

Cristian Duque

La canción es buena, pero se dedican a repetirla y repetirla que a lo ultimo ya da pereza escucharla, que la canten, todos esos millones de views son de las mismas personas a toda hora repitiendo la musica, en un mes ya sera basura


Capcom used their budget for RE6 to make a playground. good job guys. good job.

Joe Vaughn

What about the charles barkley, the guy who foes a double pump before every swing

No Face

His voice is very soothing

Who knows what will happen? Every Pre School Ever

Billy Cobb

Nice, a video that skips the bullshit commentary and gets right to the point


What is the at the first song?

Tanator Beast


Saalim Akhtar

I thought Barry was struck in a lab


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