Cadence of Hyrule - All Bosses (No Damage)

All bosses compilation of Cadence of Hyrule which is a Cross Over between The Legend of Zelda and Crypt of the Necro Dancer for Nintendo Switch (1080p & 60fps) Enjoy - Rate - Comment - Subscribe =) ►Activate the description for the order of the bosses!!Every boss fight:00:55 Dark Zelda01:44 Dark Link02:19 Gohmaracas04:43 Wizzroboe06:36 Bass Guitarmos Knights08:27 Gleeokenspiel10:05 Octavo12:50 Ganon (Final Boss)14:31 EndingAll boss battles of Cadence of Hyrule for Nintendo Switch in 1080p and 60fps►No Commentary Gameplay by ProsafiaGaming (2019)◄

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I’ll go try

Charlie Biggs

Wanna hear another fact?


or some bullshit like that idk

Daniel Cotnoir

No one beats Big Yama!


Thats a huge boner

Tokyo Sexwale

David... there is stealth in this game... METAL GEAR SOLID... DAVID HAYTER!!! It's a sign :O

Hamza Hussain

Ok. I have watched this video at least 100 times and I still dont understand "prank bros." Can someone explain?

Fun craft 166

Anithny betrayed you guys

It’s Jerome

ik im late but 1 like 1 victory for Coby |

Jake Larochelle

Panda with that fade away do

j a n g m i a h

Well it depends...i think I’m more like an introvert, because I like being alone, not talking to anyone, I feel awkward when I have to approach people, I panic easily, I often feel insecure... I could be mute it won’t bother me x) My grandma showers twice a day...


Finally someone made this! Chamber of Secrets with Tom Riddle's Diary was one of my first ASMR experiences

matthew ethan evangelista

My like is for cory

namjoons rejected handshake


Skull Head

One time I blew a bubble so big it got into my glasses xD

G.N. Gupta


Anna Heremes

do dizzy stuff more

But I’m afraid of dying in a horrific way

Blackøi Gacha

I’m South Korea.

I gotten into a police case too... I felt like committing suicide ... but I’m still alive?...

You Will Never Know

Funny thing is Garrett didn’t have eyebrows XD

Angel Dimovski

You went to a mental hospital in which there arent people that are psychopaths. Once i was a Guard (now im an sergeant in the army(shameless promotion) in a mental hospital there was a different block for those that are total psychos. Once i was patroling through there with my friend the smiles ive heard, they were calling us to open, and we had to check in what was happening we were happy we didnt have to enter there was a camera room the dudes were sitting in an angle with their heads down. The smiles ive heard there are forever stuck in my memory.

tea for one

When I saw that big 2 behind the shoalin monks logo I freaked out for a second and genuinely started to question things.

Satisfy Creations ASMR

Ethan is white shirt Grayson is black

Minjeong Kim


Jonathan Thomas

As always, great vid :) I love the way you make finding easter eggs so frick'in' easy...

Mom: ItS ThAt gOD dAmN PhOnE

David Chamberlin

Brody is the panda

Sophia Luo

Anxiety scares me ;-;

• ganja

After watching this video, I realized that im not an introvert... Im just an insecure person. I think😅🙁

I see The vision!

Me too I didn’t even go on a diet bit lost weight too 😕 my relatives say I look like a school stick now 😂 I want my old body back 😭

Space Jam

The Shrek bear thing is actually sad as hell, that is pretty fucking deep dude.

Yolo Cc

Patriots hands down


The random shy guy who is reluctant to play but once you play he is unguardableEdit: Comment: gets 500 likesMe: surprised pikachu face


That ghost train is going to be a vehicle you can ride in red dead online, just you wait

sofia13 xoxo

This is the same story like another horror animation

Karlo Domančić

I was born 1 month to early.

Amjad Bdeir

I think he is the panda

Crafting Sisters

what about NJ or BRAZIL?????!!!!!!!!!pls

Joe Abraham

better then the last old trailer


A little recoil anticipation at the end for that shotgun, huh? Hahaha.

fQQjyJsGeN0iHd6lgAi8Tp10kFtUUuPAKOvzJTAay11lVMMyV_bEcuMbUdrl Is there something wrong with me?

Odran Harley Esteban

I love basketball and boxing... happy to see Max Kellerman here! really a great year for sportsfan!

Yovany Cuellar

The limbo was awesome!


My hands are soft and and I'm a dude

Brazos Roberts

hay dpdo u want to do soccertrick shots


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