Caitlyn Jenner on what her life is like today

Jenner said, "My life revolves around my kids, and they'll be in my life until the day I die."

Skyler Smit-Kok



yxou didnt say that the gnomes are like in hl2


My mom spent the last 36 hours just to get me out of her stomach😂

Kyle Jagel

You missed the Jak and Daxter game poster in the toy store.

Okta Rizky



A Teddy Bear would have taken your guns.


bethesda didnt make this

hjh fhy

You make me cringe wtf is happening to this world people suffers in war for what a bunch of degenerits pofs and what ever there fuck this is discrasefull

Feather Le Wolf

For social studies we had to memorize the states and the capitols

The foot stomper

Vandee lazeecapricorn

I remeber watching this when I was younger and wondered why I found them so satisfying to watch

Hunna Gmgb

Ummmmm how if Durant ain’t 100%

Kelsie Heathcoe

Ok i looked at your store and i realized i cant afford any of this now im sad and i know for a fact my parents arent goona buy them.for me 😭



Billio Piid

5:55 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Musarrat Farhan

Congrats coby!!!!

Neva Carr

ty you are cool fool



That Guy Over There

@FunWithGuru I'm thinking of buying TTP. Should I wait and buy it on sale, or should I get it now?

Connor Burger

The little kids were so cute

Thomas Lulu


Wolfie Idk

💕its a bad day not a bad life💕

Landocity 7

Hey FunwithGuru can you tell me how long I've been subscribed to you? Just curious.

Spartan Rithimus

This kids face reminds of the what the younger Grinch looked like in the live action movie. I'm not trying to be mean, they just look similar


Lil baby fucked it up bruh


Hahaha, shove? he barely tuched him, what a wimp.

Breanna R. Paez

I don't get kind of asmr gives me tingles.......

Lina Lu

Where's the rest of the Lady likes

i suck

I don't compare myself with others because i would just be insulting myslef 👁👅👁

Atorina Adbishou

Does biyanka have a bra on

Jett Balika

Ty looks like ruin from Cod bo4 or bo3

MO Family Fun


Zackery Stewart

today's Easter eggs you don't have to work for and are usually just references to other games or movies that you had to watch and play to understand


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