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Nick Jr. Camp Count and Play gameplayHello! Join Blaze, Molly, Milli, and Chase at Nick Jr. Camp Count & Play! Four mini-games and practice counting, measuring, and sorting#gameplay #funkidsgames►Subscribe - For Kids Boys -

Crazy Indian

3:50 the car actually turned a bit to right

Xbox Snow

2277: 243k 752657248fps

Violette Benjamin

1 thousand plus people are idiots

rooraye ali

am from🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴 somalia and i know ur name

Shaohua Du

His dad is really good I'm crying this is 😢


Editors: how confusing do you want the trailer to be? Disney: Yes!

Gio Pagliuca

I'm cuming


Kojima is so fucking weird, i love it lol

Phantom _304

Its good that ypur safe now.


THAT'S HIS HOUSE!? He lives in a fucking mansion.


Ciara Mendez

Cheating is wrong bro

bradley forster

In Borderlands 2 minecraft easter egg there is a legendary gun called the Longbow it shoots minecraft arrows and is always fire.

| Alex! Dont leave ur mouth open! *throws tomato in his mouth * thats better!

Garen Gregorian

glad that the second 1 was an easter egg, it creeped the SHIT outta me

Cool Cute gamer2

You are disgusting I hate you for being bully ugh you should never had friends


Who the fuck cars about 8K?, like, what’s the fucking point of having fucking massive resolution if I don’t have any kind of filtering of high-res textures. That’s why PCs have been beating the fuck out of consoles since the 360 era. I prefer 1080p and fucking MSAA, FXAA, Ultra-shadows, VSync and all that shit than 4/8K simulated fucking Low-Mid presets.

Denise Robinson

My daddy is like that minus the cancerAnd he didn’t die I just got real bad that it


The tiny pistol ( 1:57 ) may be a refernce to MIB little cricket gun or something

Vignesh suriya

Captain America 😍😍😍

1:05 WOW that was fast

GrindHard TV

G.A.D happens to me when I smoke weed... Everytime. It never use to happen to me


Am i the only one who pretty much knew every single one?

luke zarko

Do this again

JJAC Gamon

F**k it.Rodgers already broke his collar bone


0:40 Wtf, that wasn't relaxing. "He's dying", "He's gonna die" lmao

visions made plain

Watching this in 2019 like if the same

yrn biggie

they gotta play for kd game 6🙏

Andy Yang

I wonder if we would be able to transfer our data over from BOTW 1?

i always knew he was a little stubborn

Mary Smith

North Korea is discusting

Rebecca Guymon

I think you should doa pizza challenge who can get the best stuff with closing their eyes.



She seems so sweet and down to earth.

(So things didn't change much.)

Kaj Lachowski

Hey Guru, after seeing that Inside easter egg - how did you like the game? What did you think of the ending(s)? Everyone I've seen in the comments is simply throwing hate at the guy for what he did even though his wife said it was okay years before!

Bootsy Dog

I want a raptors win but tonight I think 109-107 warriors

Stupid Tv

My nickname at school is “Psychopath” because I’m impulsive, manipulative and I also have a hard time understanding emotions. I’m also a little bit narcissistic but not as much as the guy in the video but I have begun to think what would happen if I killed someone for fun, would I be able to pull it off or would I stop myself, would I be able to cower it up or would I get caught. So many questions so little time...

Solid Slide

Every time after watching your videos, I feel like I just watched an actual Movie. Not only because of the cool editing and stuff...also cause of the calmness in your videos. Just wanted to say that.

Nerf Triplets

tanner did not explain inertia correctly

captainfate svalinn

Don't smoke

Hi Hi Up

8:13 wow Alice are ur arms ok?


i got gotted :( you really scared me


Omg I remember this black op nuke town Easter eggs thumb up

Paulette woodbine

This better lead up to their parents being alive with Elsa marring jack Frost and living happily ever need for part 3

-I'm quiet

Jason Cheatham


Damp man


Conner Steele

No because there are no particles in the void of space to make sound waves, so there is no sound in space.

devine nex

richtofin and samantha are sibling and maxis is their father and all the zombies are in the future along with all 8 hero's and there were also zombies long ago before the modern age they where medevil zombies they where unearthed and began the zombie apocalypse in 1918, after the first 4 hero's died 4 more came along and started on a bus then went to nuketown and then to die rise where they found out about maxis and richtofen where they fallowed into the underground city or burried where they find out maxis is evil and only loved sam, they then all die, and then finally for shits and gigles there is alcatraz which is just a cool map

Nazim Maniar

How many lm

SuperRaza BG

Nice montage....



1. Texas Roadhouse has loaded mashed potatoes. Should've had that instead to be fair.    

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