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13:37 long vid, n1ce 0ne!

Noah Hoglund

Anyone 2019?

Wolfe Plays

Wait your love of your life passed away before u met him?!? That means u never met him therefore I’m confused

Problem solved

Sebestyen Aron


Neo Arska

Iam the only one who thought the family are doing drugs n stuff?

The copyright holder owns all the rights of the franchise even those not developed by them (Crash 1,2,3,bash, CTR).


Everybody would’ve died... I’m too crazy to just let him lie too me... this video made me mad ass hell🤬🤬🤬

Alex Bloodworth

go to the 5:50 Mark of the Video And Hit Pause then Look At The Clock


Well, shit.

Cookie Bytes

panda is SOOO CUTR

The Dolphin Violinist

I love Reunion Tower.

benjamin ha

Make a all sports golf battle 4

Eesha Khan

ty is madayyrgdsrsez gdvtrbs

Stu H

Stopped watching at 1:26 when dude moved his hand.

Filip Jęcz

Hip hop was never my thing and yet I watched/listened to this at least 50 times today.

Jason Valles

Posted on my bday


So if I get good grades and I only play less than an hour of fortnite is that ok?

benj5490 benj5490



This is so sad... Karen play despacito.

Jack Schwimley

the only really good easter egg was the last one, the others were just like the one in the main game, not really that good,only referring to themselves or something that they have done in the past


I do not have a ps4 but cause of this. Might have to buy it now!!!!

Raksha ruttun

The music just makes it so intense 😂😂😂😂🎶

Shawn Carlisle

play in the basketball gym

Tanushri Ramsharan

I don't get people's problem. First they hate you for being fat, and then for being too skinny? What is it that you want?


Yeah boi! It back

SuperHitBoy Васин

Tony vs Konor🇨🇮

Polar Doggo

Who's watching in 1947 in the USSR while their family is starving around them?

Jack Harpole

Congratulations coby😄🎉

Dorothy Delight

God did not take your mother


I'm the anxious one 100%


think about it how did they set the cameras up

Luke Pietrzak

What about ipod

ronnie smarr


Bailey White

So kind


That Adele one is gloriously stupid

Angelina Leonard

I am jealous ;-;

lolz _

Go rams


He need a gf...

Cameron Dzicek

a redhead boy


Watching 2016

Moke n Friendz


Que les trajo cinco doce pa' que se las beba

Katie Homann



There is so much potential for a Lost easter egg it hurts.

Knutberit 10


Elijah M.

Return the Easter Egg videos!

I even thought of it as a disease, until I learnt at the new school I went to, I learnt that it`s not and it`s a gift.


I love how they always use the rage monster in every video

Legendary minions🐶

I will count it cobs


That is not called learning.

Jovan Borojevic

I like and suscribe


not even a video of the helicopter crashing? Woops this isn't liveleaks, i goto go there for that. Man you got my hype up for no reason


I swore never to open the app again...

Tien My



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