Christian Movie 2019 - Pieces of Easter

Mary Forwell

I have allergies to all artificial or artificially scented products. In my home environment all is well, but I'm triggered constantly at work ( elementary school), cigarette smoke at baseball games, grocery stores where I'm a freakin ninja because it's in and out, and avoid that aisle that aisle and that aisle, malls I avoid like the plague, and outdoor music festivals are much more preferable to an indoor stadium where it's nothing but toxic air. I hold my breath or avoid certain people all together at work. I have shared laundry in the main house, which I had to ask them to turn off the most toxic of all, ' scentsy ' bullshit. There's a pantry in my kitchen that has to stay closed because previous tenants had a million 'scentsy ' packages in it....on and on and on....


I cried during this video...i saw myself in both ...i hoop every one who suffers from this horrible condition will eventually cope with's hard 😧

Vatsal Kejriwal

It was checkers

All your stupid exes, they gon' call again 12:41 wtf Grayson skjsjdjdjd 😭😭

hiba Hussain

One day we were having a pizza party everything was going ok but at like 8:00 my mom fell on the floor my dad called an ambulance and they rushed her to the hospital it had to wait 4 hour during the time I thought she was going to be alright because I was only 11 years old. I taught that tommorow would be the same the day after and when my dad came through the door he looked sad and said that my mother left us. I had never been the heartbroken in my life. Now I am 15 and more attached to my dad then ever


OMG how cool is the Twitter Easter Egg :)

Sonny Forelli

Except for Ghost Recon Brea and watch dogs, I am not interested or excited.


Thats in Black Ops 2 Lol Idiot wrong video

Ronald Faes

whats the last song remix name

Adam Haus

All the dislikes are people who want gun control


Hi I just sing something inside my secret garden and make fun things from inside wish u open my secret combine with me

1,000 subscribers challenge without video

Her views always thrills ME...


Omfg why do I find mental illnesses so interesting?!


Onnie Johnston

*reads the title*

ShadeZ 4 Lyfe

Did he really count “Shaft” as a bigger movie than “Spider-Man: Far From Home”?????


woow i was about to right a RUDE comment if you stayed with him . YOU GO GIRL LEAVE HIM !!!


I can't believe i missed all of those easter eggs lol

Just another ghost

Why during E3?


jarvis thomas

Got to respect a man who had a pair of DaDa Spinners, i wouldn't have worn them in the day if you paid me lol!

better late than never

Didn't GodOfWar do the no loading screen on Playstation?


@PBron236 just because you can do it does not make it fake

My time's frozen and I can't comprehend


wow so early

Jennifer Panda Zheng

A Philly?


Looks great 👍🏼

Shaw.M Music and more

Who paused on 4:04? Like if you did


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