Christopher Cross -Sailling

It isn't going to be better

Derek Arredondo

1:15 who was waiting for a bottle to be smashed on his head?

John Briggs

With number 8 and 11, interesting how it was then announced that there'd be a new Plants vs Zombie Garden Warfare and that Visceral then developed Hardline. Also with all the Mirrors Edge easter eggs, how they then announced Catalyst.

Saucey Helixs

The song has moaning sounds 😂

Tyler: 16.5

Schnitzel KID

There's also a secret room in the Mario Easter egg were in yeh second room if u jump to the right u can get out of the map and go through a secret passageway! I don't know if it's a reference or what but it's cool

Jim De Grado

Do this for World Cup 2018


Jenna can you bring back the series of "things boys/girls don't understand"? Those are amazing and enlightening. I've watched your channel forever and these taught me a ton about different perspectives.


Why is people giving this thoumbs down? I dont understand....

Pranking each other:

Lokelion Issak

I unsubbed when he drew the earth as flat


Did y'all see Tyler made those shots

Heraldo Louis

little question: the faith outifit is a mod or is a real easter egg?

Nicholas Helms

I likedbecause of the dog any one else?

Nicola O'Rourke

I have a request for a video try heely trick shots it would looooove it sooooooooooooooooooo much


steph curry is averaging 33 5 and 5. Let's compare him to another all time great in the Finals shall we?

Christian Singleton and Michael

Cody who's wearing the panda suit

Bennie Oliver

Panda and where is cobey

Not Ronav

This video was the reason I to subscribed to Dude Perfect

Am Your lilsis

That's op

Sierra Wright

I know you probably wont see this, but if you do, I have a question.


When ty was holding the turtle i thought he threw it after

adnan peace

the best video in the world

ayoub playz

poor panda



Hussain Munsif

Rest in Peace❤

Zam Lal

but why would you do that to your parents they did everything to you

Tihami Mujawar

Mr Beast: If your name is Chandler you win 10000£

Rodrigo Mancillas

We missed you 🖤

B.O.M Channel

Change the speed into x1.25 she seem to talk normal

HeyThatsWhats UPPP

Literally nobody:

sophea Aliisha

This story confusing tho

cindy djsmith

Where is that staidum at?

Zack Morgan

anyone watching in 2019?-Jan. 2 2019

Fantasia Wonderous

Cyber cops?

aashi khan

Tyler is best


Cody and Luke's name should be the crushers

KGB121Plays -Roblox

2015-Cool Year 2016-Awesome Year 2017-Solid Year 2018-Saddest Year



Joy McGinnis


Daniel Here




Silly Des Official

That's.... Illegal.........

Caden Warner

Y'all guys are awesome love your videos

Anne Mota

vocês são fodas de mais...

Subscribe to MaximilianMus XD

Let’s go Toronto

Cardinals Football 2

Cody finally defeated the rage monster


black ops origin zombies


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