Cole Caufield Highlights - 2019

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Steven Whitlow

you are a noob cid is a girl

Santiago Mendoza

seguro tienen un record de tener muchos records xdxd

Guru, your video is very good. You always make my day.

ericka da costa

Done to subscribe and turned on the notification bell


this is so funny please make more

Henry Merritt

whats with the gun? lol cool shot

Trump: builds wall

Özgür Güneş

Dude ı want to tell you something. Love your effort and love your content. You are putting good effort to it. Im a sub of you for a long time.Thanks for the good videos

Mariam Y.H.

Impressive !!

Addison Tope



I have adhd I once got so pissed I lost my iPad when I was holding it then I actually lost it and didn’t care

Sen Reyn


Toon Smits

I found not even one comment from 2009

Donald J Trump

0:42 pause it and look at the board. It was a wiener that someone turned into a face


Whoever got mad about the flowers are idiots 😂😂😂

dial soap

Not all doctors are good DoCToRs...

a ahir

is that girl an idiot dumb to take beating and having such naive thought remain silent like looser she can talk teacher but not parent empty headed

dumbass mcwanker

Actually first!

Connie Perez

bobby hits bryan in face

Christian Umhoefer

I can reach out there and poke him ok buddy

jesus christ

Being gay is wrong because it's gay

Teoleon gaming

Andrew you made European pancakes. But it looks amazing😉. I love your videos😃😃

HTX The Wild

Everyone is acting Like he’s in the wrong lol, It’s her fault for sending it in the first place

Jovan Borojevic


Canaan Daniels

are you that stupid?

Luke Robles


jay ch

Yay all white peeple!!


Not gonna lie, i thought repunzul was gonna show up

Master Noodles23

I’m subbing back to anyone who subs to me


Guru what do you do to the audio in your videos? It's always so..... Calming

Pizza Lover

OooooooMyyyyGoooooood!!!! ILOVEITLOVEITILOVEIT!!! 😍😍😍 . Ok, it was a bit confusing, but nor as much as the last one so I can take it. Whoo! 😂


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